Case Studies

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Gebnalak.com’s Journey from Complexity to Efficiency

Gebnalak.com is an e-commerce website that embarked on a journey to redefine the digital shopping experience in Egypt. This online business curated a diverse selection, ranging from smart kitchen tools…

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From Papers Work to Tech: El-Tawheed & El-Nour’s Digital Journey

Amidst the lively tapestry of Egypt's markets, a dream unfolded in 1975. El-Tawheed & El-Nour Company embarked on a journey with a simple yet profound goal — to offer quality…

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Navigating Success: Red Sea Beach’s Journey with Edara

In the bustling world of entertainment, where creating dynamic environments for children is a fusion of art and precision, Red Sea Beach Entertainment, a division of Qawafil Al-Kamal Trading Company,…