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Edara is one complete system covering Accounting, Warehouse, Sales and Purchases. A single application across all channels

Microsoft Azure official tweet

Microsoft recommends Edara ERP through The official account of Microsoft Azure Worldwide on twitter.
On September 5, 2017 , Microsoft Azure official account has published a tweet recommending Edara as a powerful cloud-based ERP deployed on Azure.

EDRAK's Guest Post on Microsoft's "Channel 9"

Suppliers and Customers Applaud EDRAK’s Effort to Enable Cloud Computing
On September 7, 2017, EDRAK Software wrote a guest post highlights 4 reasons why retailers need to get their cloud transformation under way now
In the past few years, web-based, cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have ‎become more prominent as a viable alternative ‎for mdall and medium retailers. A good cloud ‎solution is a key tool for retailers to increase sales, ‎keep an overview of stock, and provide high-quality ‎customer service.
Retailers thinking about cloud transformation should consider these four common reasons for making the switch