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Edara is one complete system covering Accounting, Warehouse, Sales and Purchases. A single application across all channels

EDRAK Software Announces Plan to Launch Its ‎Edara ERP On ‎Microsoft Azure

Suppliers and Customers Applaud EDRAK’s Effort to Enable ‎Cloud Computing
Cairo – Feb.1, 2020 – EDRAK Software today announced plans to deploy its ‎Edara ERP solution on Microsoft Azure for all trade companies, wholesale ‎distribution, retail food & beverage, tech and more. EDRAK knew that ‎moving its Edara ERP system to the cloud would be challenging, and the ‎company choose Azure for its comprehensive package of Infrastructure-as-‎a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings. Edara ERP ‎integrates Azure App Service, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, and ‎Azure Automation.‎
EDRAK wanted to improve Edara ERP while avoiding the ‎typical ‎difficulties faced when expanding services. It can be hard to ‎predict ‎how business will grow, so moving to the cloud was the best ‎option for ‎EDRAK to gain the benefits of elasticity and scalability. ” Flexibility ‎and Cost-Effectiveness” ‎ were EDRAK’s answer to the question: “why Azure?”
“Microsoft Azure is simple to adapt and offers a host of application ‎building blocks and services that will allow us to customize as needed,” ‎said Ahmed Fawzy, Business Development Manager at EDRAK Software. ‎‎“Working with Microsoft is beyond being ordinary. Their support and ‎their vision provided us what we need for our expansion to deliver new ‎services. Azure was the ideal choice for EDRAK to break into the SaaS ‎market.”‎
Sajan Parihar, Director, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. ‎said, “As organizations move more workflows to the cloud, efficiently ‎managing enterprise resources across environments while balancing growth ‎is a critical element of success. We are pleased to see EDRAK help our ‎mutual customers migrate their on-premises workloads to Azure.”‎
About EDRAK EDRAK started its first product, Edara ERP, in 2006, a cloud-based ERP ‎system for ‎trading, ‎retail, and distribution companies ‎delivering a ‎single view ‎of ‎business performance across all channels.