December 2020 Updates: Enhancing User Experience and Efficiency in Edara

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December 2020 Updates: Enhancing User Experience and Efficiency in Edara

In December 2020, Edara unveiled significant improvements aimed at streamlining processes and providing users with more intuitive tools to manage their operations efficiently.

From simplifying sales order management to refining procurement processes and improving reporting capabilities, these updates represent our commitment to continuously evolving and meeting the evolving needs of our users.

Join us as we delve into the details of these exciting updates and explore how they can benefit your business.

Increase the Quantity in SO Instead of Adding a New Row for Repeated Items

Instead of adding a new row for each repeated item, you can now only increase the quantity of repeated items in your sales order (SO).

Activate this feature and enjoy fewer rows in your SO details.

December Updates 2020 - Increase quantity in SO instead of adding a new row for repeated items

Prevent Duplicate Reference Documents on PO Page

This update prevents the occurrence of duplicate Reference Document (Ref. Doc.) numbers. Once activated, this setting ensures that each ref. doc. number is unique within the system, eliminating the possibility of accidental duplication across multiple POs.

December Updates 2020 - Prevent duplicate Ref. Doc. in PO page

Show More Info About Your Customer in the Quote Print Template

By enhancing the customization options for your quote print templates, Edara now allows you to include additional customer information.

This includes details such as the customer’s address, phone number, email address, contact person, and tax registration ID.

By incorporating these details directly into your quote print, you can provide more comprehensive and professional documents to your customers.

December Updates 2020 - Show more info about your customer in quote print template

Print Your Quotes

This feature enables you to print a list of quotes using the newly added print option. Our mission is to bring flexibility and ease of operation to your business, allowing you to take full advantage of these features in the way that best suits your needs.

December Updates 2020 - Print your quotes

Add “Reference Document” Field to Quote Header and Print Template

Adding further flexibility to your quoting process, Edara introduces a new field for Reference Document (Ref. Doc.) numbers in both the quote header and print template.

This means you can now include this important piece of information directly in your quotes, providing clarity and context for both you and your customers.

December Updates 2020 - ''Ref.doc'' a new field in quote header and print template

Streamline Warehouse Search in the Stock Cost Report

Navigating the stock cost report is now even more intuitive with the addition of a new search icon for warehouses.

By simply clicking on the “+” icon and typing the name of the warehouse you’re interested in, you can quickly locate the relevant information. Of course, you still have the option to choose your warehouses from a drop-down menu if you prefer.

This enhancement improves the efficiency of selecting warehouse-specific data, facilitating better decision-making and inventory management.

December Updates 2020 - Easily search for warehouses in the stock cost report

Print Production Order

We have added the ability to print the production order. Printing production orders is an important step in the production and manufacturing process.

Having a printed production order makes it easier to obtain approval from various departments. It can then be used to check the presence of raw materials in the warehouses, prepare them, and streamline the entire production workflow.

December Updates 2020 - Get your production order on paper

Import Bill of Materials (BOM)

We have introduced the functionality to import the bill of materials (BOM) from Excel into Edara. Accurate data entry is critical, especially for BOM data, as any error can lead to manufacturing disruptions.

This feature allows users to enter raw materials into Excel, review them carefully, and then export them to Edara effortlessly, ensuring precision and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

December Updates 2020 - Import your Bill of Materials from Excel

Enhance the Production Planning

We have made several enhancements to the Production Planning page to simplify and integrate the production process further.

First, users can now create multiple production orders simultaneously. The system will display the required quantity of an item and the quantity available, allowing users to specify the units needed for the production process. This helps achieve a balanced use of resources.

Second, after entering the number of units to be produced, a new screen provides a detailed view of the raw materials required for the production process.

This ensures the availability of necessary raw materials and allows users to export the list of unavailable raw materials to Excel for further action.

December Updates 2020 - Enhancements in production planning

With these new features, Edara continues to evolve as a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of modern businesses.

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