February 2021 Updates: Empowering Businesses with Edara’s Enhancements

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February 2021 Updates: Empowering Businesses with Edara’s Enhancements

In February 2021, Edara introduced several key enhancements aimed at enhancing functionality, flexibility, and usability.

From improved reporting capabilities to streamlined transaction processing and enhanced inventory management features, these updates represent a significant step forward in empowering users to manage their financial operations with greater efficiency and precision.

Join us as we explore the highlights of these updates and their potential impact on businesses utilizing Edara for their ERP needs.

Build a Customizable Receivables Aging Report

Edara now empowers users to build a highly customizable receivables aging report, aligning precisely with their unique credit policies.

Users can select from three distinct due date options: sales order date, sale order due date, or invoice (IO) date. This enhanced flexibility allows businesses to tailor their reports to better suit their financial processes.

Furthermore, the report segments outstanding debts into three categories: those not yet due, those that have matured, and those that have matured and exceeded specified aging periods.

This segmentation provides clearer insights into the status of receivables, enabling more effective management of cash flow and credit control.

February Updates 2021 - Receivables aging report

Group By Cost Centers in VFS

Edara introduces a streamlined feature that facilitates the comparison of cost centers within the Vertical Financial Statement (VFS).

By displaying cost centers side by side, users gain a comprehensive view of their financial data, enabling better-informed decision-making and analysis.

This enhancement simplifies financial reporting and analysis processes, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

February Updates 2021 - Group cost centers in VFS

Allow Creating SRs for Service Items

With the latest update, Edara now supports the creation of service return (SR) transactions for service items.

This functionality proves invaluable in scenarios where businesses need to process returns for services provided, such as waiving shipping or maintenance fees.

By extending support to service items, Edara enables businesses to maintain consistency in their return processes across all types of products and services, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

February Updates 2021 - Allow creating SRs for service items

Allow Transfer Requests (TR) Even if It Results in a Negative Balance

Edara now offers greater flexibility in transaction processing by allowing transfer requests (TRs) to be created even if they would result in a negative balance.

This enhancement provides businesses with more control over their warehouse processes, accommodating scenarios where transactions may temporarily lead to negative balances due to timing differences or other factors.

By allowing TRs in such cases, Edara ensures smoother transaction processing and improved accuracy in financial reporting.

February Updates 2021 - Allow TR even if resulting in minus balance

Display Reserved Balance in the Warehouse Stock Cost Report When Selecting Multiple Warehouses

When selecting multiple warehouses in the warehouse stock cost report, Edara now includes the reserved balance, providing users with a comprehensive view of stock availability and allocation across their facilities.

This enhancement enhances visibility and transparency in inventory management, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions regarding stock allocation, replenishment, and fulfillment.

February Updates 2021 - Display the reserved balance in warehouse stock cost report when selecting multiple warehouses

Show the Date and Time of Sales Approval in Sales Order Report

In addition to displaying the name of the individual who approved a sales order, Edara now includes the date and time of the approval in the sales order report.

This additional information provides greater context and transparency regarding the approval process, enabling users to track and audit sales order approvals more effectively.

By including the date and time of approval, Edara enhances accountability and compliance in sales order management processes.

February Updates 2021 - Show the date and time of the sales approval in the sales order report

Filter the “Links” Column in the Approvals Page

Edara introduces a new filtering option for the “Links” column in the approvals page, allowing users to easily locate approved sales orders that have associated proposed invoice orders (IO) or cash-ins.

This enhancement streamlines the approval tracking process, enabling users to quickly identify and review relevant transactions without the need for manual searching or sorting.

By providing this filtering capability, Edara enhances usability and efficiency in approval management, ultimately improving overall workflow productivity.

February Updates 2021 - Filter (Links) column in approvals page

Show Item Code When Making an SR by Document Code

When generating a sales return using a document code, Edara now displays the item codes, facilitating easier identification of the items being returned.

This enhancement improves accuracy and efficiency in the sales return process, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining transaction processing.

By including item codes in SR transactions, Edara enhances visibility and transparency, enabling users to quickly and accurately process returns and manage inventory levels more effectively.

February Updates 2021 - Show item code when making an SR by document code

Display Tax Registration ID of Customers and Suppliers

Edara now includes the tax registration IDs of customers and suppliers on sales and purchase order reports.

This addition provides users with important information for compliance and reporting purposes, enhancing transparency and accuracy in financial transactions.

By displaying tax registration IDs, Edara enables businesses to verify the tax status of their customers and suppliers more efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

February Updates 2021 - Display the tax registration ID of your customers and suppliers

In conclusion, the February 2021 updates to Edara bring a range of enhancements designed to improve functionality, flexibility, and transparency for users of this cloud ERP system.

From customizable receivables aging reports to streamlined transaction processing and enhanced inventory management features, these updates empower businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively.

By listening to user feedback and implementing these improvements, Edara continues to demonstrate its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its users, ultimately driving greater productivity and success in their financial operations.

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