April 2022 Updates: Streamlining Workflows with Edara Features

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April 2022 Updates: Streamlining Workflows with Edara Features

From its inception, “Edara” has focused on providing essential features to streamline workflows and boost operational efficiency.

In this article, we’ll explore the latest updates from Edara in April, highlighting the advancements that continue to elevate the platform’s commitment to seamless operations.

Join us as we uncover the transformative features introduced by Edara in its ongoing mission to revolutionize cloud ERP systems.

Uncover Unused Raw Materials Easily

The latest update empowers users to easily pinpoint unused raw materials, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of balance and product costs.

Detailed production data under operation, including quantity and value at the production order level, is now visible. This information is conveniently displayed on the Production Orders page, providing invaluable insights for efficient resource utilization.

April Updates 2022 - Unconsumed materials

Split Production Orders with Precision

Recognizing the need for flexibility in production processes, Edara introduces the ability to create production orders in parts.

This feature proves invaluable when there’s a necessity to sell a portion of the product quickly or initiate a trial sale before the entire manufacturing process is completed.

Users can now modify completed descriptions, specify desired quantities, and activate completed descriptions upon completion of each stage, offering unparalleled control over the production workflow.

April Updates 2022 - Product on phases

Track Product Details Under Operation

This feature allows users to access comprehensive details of products under operation.

Whether a production order is incomplete or complete, users can view essential data such as unproduced quantity, value, and a progress bar for ongoing orders. This empowers users to make informed decisions at every stage of production.

April Updates 2022 - WIP data

Record Tax Rates for Accuracy

A dedicated page in the accounts module now enables users to code tax rates with precision. This includes specifying percentages for each tax, linking them to relevant accounts for sales and purchases, and facilitating integration with tax authorities such as the Egyptian Tax Authority.

The addition of this feature enhances compliance and accuracy in financial transactions.

April Updates 2022 - New Tax Rate

Link VAT Accounts Flexibly

Recognizing global variations in tax regulations, Edara introduces flexibility in linking VAT accounts on sales and purchases.

Users can opt for a unified account or separate accounts based on regulatory requirements. The ability to modify tax statuses adds an extra layer of adaptability, allowing users to activate or deactivate taxes as needed.

April Updates 2022 - Purchase tax account

Create Customers Offline, Sync Later

Edara addresses connectivity challenges by introducing the capability to create new customers directly from the sales order page when offline.

This feature ensures uninterrupted business processes, allowing users to synchronize data seamlessly once internet connectivity is restored.

April Updates 2022 - Create customer in the offline mode

Edit Items’ Dimensions Effortlessly

Enhancing user convenience, Edara introduces a setting that enables the easy modification of default stock item dimensions directly within documents.

This feature, accessible through the warehouse settings page, streamlines the editing process and contributes to increased operational efficiency.

April Updates 2022 - Dimensions


With the April 2022 updates, Edara reaffirms its commitment to providing a robust, user-friendly cloud ERP system. These new features not only address operational challenges but also empower businesses to adapt to dynamic market conditions with ease.

As organizations navigate the complexities of modern business, Edara stands as a reliable partner, ensuring that users have the tools needed to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

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