December 2023 Updates: Unveiling 5 Powerful Features in Edara

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December 2023 Updates: Unveiling 5 Powerful Features in Edara

As we close out the year, we’re thrilled to introduce updates in “Edara”. These December enhancements, centered on efficiency, include recording stock on hand at the location level in the POS, improving brand visibility in warehouse transfer printing, and more, as detailed in this article.

Stock on-Hand at the Location Level

One of the standout features of our December update is the ability to record stock on-hand at the location level in the POS.

This granular approach empowers users to track quantities at each location, facilitating more informed decisions based on real-time stock balances.

With this feature, businesses can optimize inventory management and ensure products are where they need to be when they’re needed.

December Updates 2023 - product's balance at the location level

Brand Display in The Issue Transfer Print Template

In response to user feedback and a commitment to customization, Edara now offers a new option in the issue transfer print template.

This allows users to display the brand name prominently. This addition not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of documents but also contributes to clearer communication within and outside the organization.

December Updates 2023 - Display the brand in the IT template

Serial Number Search in The Issue Transfer Document

Efficiency is key in day-to-day operations. Edara introduces a game-changing feature in the issue transfer document – the ability to activate searching by serial number for an item.

December Updates 2023 - Search by serial number for an item in the issue transfe

Aggregate Sales and Purchase Invoices in the Account Ledger Print

The clarity of customer/supplier statements plays a crucial role in the audit and reconciliation process.

Since displaying invoices related to the same sales/purchase order on multiple lines can cause complications if the other party does not use the same presentation method, we have introduced the feature of aggregating those orders during printing.

As a result, you can now combine sales/purchase invoices related to the same sales/purchase order into a single line when printing the account ledger, facilitating reconciliation with the data held by customers or suppliers.

December Updates 2023 - Aggregate invoices

Related Account Display in Account Ledger Results and Print

Understanding the intricacies of financial transactions is critical for businesses. Edara responds to this need by introducing the display of related accounts in the account ledger report results and printout.

This feature provides a more comprehensive and accurate overview of financial activities, which facilitate decision-making.

December Updates 2023 - Display the related account in the account ledger result

As Edara continues to evolve, these December 2023 updates reflect our dedication to providing a robust and user-friendly cloud ERP system.

With features designed to improve inventory management, enhance documents review, and streamline financial reporting, Edara remains at the forefront of empowering businesses to achieve their goals in an ever-changing business landscape.

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