August 2021 Updates: Empowering Efficiency in Edara’s Cloud ERP System

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August 2021 Updates: Empowering Efficiency in Edara’s Cloud ERP System

This month’s updates focus on improving user experience and functionality, with new features that enable users to set sales targets based on stock item classification, access more detailed reports, and leverage customer-centric features.

These updates demonstrate Edara’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that help businesses streamline their workflows and achieve their goals.

Create sales targets based on stock item classification

With this update, users can now establish sales targets for specific classifications of stock items within Edara’s cloud ERP system.

This feature enables businesses to monitor their workflow effectively and provides a means to motivate and reward employees who achieve their sales targets.

By setting targets based on item classifications, companies can streamline their sales strategies and focus their efforts on specific product categories or types.

August Updates 2021 - Create sales target based on stock items classification

A new view of the detailed work order report

The latest enhancement introduces a new view within the “Work Orders” Detailed Report section. This feature allows users to filter and view detailed information for a specific stock item, providing valuable insights into order data related to that particular item.

This added functionality enhances visibility and facilitates better decision-making by allowing users to analyze the performance and progress of individual stock items within their work orders.

August Updates 2021 - A new view in detailed work order report

Customer mobile is now in the check serials report

In response to user feedback, Edara has included a “Customer mobile” column in the Check Serials report.

This addition enhances the reporting capabilities by providing essential customer contact information directly within the serial tracking process.

With customer mobile numbers readily available in the report, businesses can improve communication and streamline customer service processes related to serial tracking activities.

August Updates 2021 - Customer mobile now in the check serials report

Easy users’ permissions follow-up

To simplify the management of user permissions within the system, Edara has implemented an enhancement in the user report.

This enhancement enables users to easily display and review the permissions assigned to individual users, groups, or pages within the ERP system.

By enhancing visibility and accessibility to user permissions, administrators can efficiently manage access rights and ensure proper security protocols are in place.

August Updates 2021 - Easy users' permissions follow-up

Display customer code in SO print

With this update, users can now include the customer’s code when printing sales orders within Edara’s cloud ERP system.

This feature provides added context and clarity to sales documents, allowing recipients to easily identify and reference customer information associated with each order. Including customer codes in sales order prints enhances professionalism and facilitates smoother communication between businesses and their customers.

August Updates 2021 - Display customer code in SO print

Default Account Selection for Zero Sales Entries in SO

In the warehouse GL interface, users now have the option to select a pre-defined account, such as Gifts or Offers accounts, to serve as the default account for zero sales entries within sales orders.

This functionality simplifies accounting processes by automatically assigning the appropriate account for transactions where no sales revenue is generated.

By streamlining account management, businesses can ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance with accounting standards.

August Updates 2021 - Pre-defined zero sales account in SO

Show the last price based on units of measure in PO & RS

Edara now offers the ability to display the last purchase price based on units of measure in both Purchase Orders (PO) and Receiving Sheets (RS).

When the “Show the last price” setting is activated, the system suggests the price of units according to the last purchase price recorded for the item.

This feature enhances procurement efficiency by providing users with relevant pricing information based on historical data, enabling more informed purchasing decisions.

August Updates 2021 - Show last price based on units of measure in PO & RS

Propose a price according to the selected customer in “RR”

A new setting has been introduced in the warehouse module to propose prices for items in Return Receipts (RR) documents based on the selected customer’s price list.

This feature streamlines the return process by automatically suggesting prices aligned with the customer’s pricing agreement.

August Updates 2021 - Propose price according to selected customer in the RR

By tailoring pricing suggestions to individual customers, businesses can improve accuracy and efficiency in processing return transactions, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and retention.

With streamlined workflows and enhanced visibility into key data points, Edara continues to position itself as a valuable tool for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and drive growth.

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