October 2021 updates: Enhancing Efficiency and Functionality in Edara

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October 2021 updates: Enhancing Efficiency and Functionality in Edara

In October 2021, Edara introduced a series of updates aimed at enhancing functionality and the user experience.

These updates include improvements in data accuracy, payment flexibility, order tracking, expiration date management, decision-making support, product traceability, batch selection, and package management.

Each update is designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and provide users with greater control and visibility over their processes. Let’s explore these updates in detail.

Verifying Customer Mobile Numbers by Country

The system now ensures greater accuracy in customer data entry by verifying mobile numbers according to their respective country codes.

This enhancement minimizes errors and ensures that correct contact information is recorded for effective communication.

October Updates 2021 - Prevent entering a wrong mobile number in customers data

Introducing the Cash on Delivery Payment Option

To vary customer preferences and payment methods, a new payment option, cash on delivery, has been added.

This feature allows for the creation of cash documents after order delivery, providing customers with more flexibility in their payment choices and streamlining transaction processes.

October Updates 2021 - Add a new payment type[Cash on delivery]

Adding a Delivery Person Tag to Sales Orders

In an effort to enhance order tracking and accountability, a new tag has been introduced in sales orders to capture the name of the delivery person.

This addition provides clarity regarding who handled the delivery, promoting a more organized and transparent workflow.

October Updates 2021 - Add tag in the POS

Prioritizing Old Expiration Dates in Sales Orders

To better manage inventory and ensure product freshness, a new default setting has been implemented to issue old expiration dates first in sales orders.

This ensures that products with earlier expiration dates are prioritized, reducing the risk of expired goods in stock.

October Updates 2021 - FEFO

Showing Item Balance in Point of Sale

Empowering users to make informed decisions, a new column displaying item balance has been added to the point-of-sale grid.

This visibility allows for better management of stock levels and helps prevent stock outs or overstocking.

October Updates 2021 - Show Balance in POS

Identifying Product Sources via Barcodes

To facilitate product traceability and quality control, users can now print supplier names or document codes on barcodes.

This feature enables easy identification of product sources, enhancing transparency and accountability in the supply chain.

October Updates 2021 - Show the supplier name in the barcode

Printing Batch Numbers in Barcodes for Document Selection

Simplifying batch selection processes, a new barcode setting allows for the inclusion of batch numbers.

This feature enables users to easily select batches within documents, streamlining inventory management and reducing errors.

October Updates 2021 - Add the Batch number in the barcode

Utilizing Package Counts in Documents

Introducing a new global setting to enhance package management, users can now display package count columns in documents.

This enables the entry of package counts, with the system automatically calculating net counts for efficient warehouse stock management and order fulfillment.

October Updates 2021 - Ability to use packages

In conclusion, the October 2021 updates bring a range of enhancements aimed at improving data accuracy, payment flexibility, order tracking, inventory management, and decision-making.

These updates underscore Edara’s commitment to providing robust solutions that streamline processes, enhance transparency, and empower users to make informed decisions in their daily operations.

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