From Papers Work to Tech: El-Tawheed & El-Nour’s Digital Journey

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From Papers Work to Tech: El-Tawheed & El-Nour’s Digital Journey

Amidst the lively tapestry of Egypt’s markets, a dream unfolded in 1975. El-Tawheed & El-Nour Company embarked on a journey with a simple yet profound goal — to offer quality products at special prices.

What began as small steps in the world of clothing and household appliances would transform into one of Egypt’s most esteemed brands.

However, every story encounters challenges, and for El-Tawheed & El-Nour, the journey was not without its trials.

Inception and Challenges

Final Version - التوحيد والنور فرع البحر الأعظم

The early days were marked by the promise of quality, but as the brand grew, so did the intricacies of its operations.

The purchase process, once straightforward, became complex. Fragmented procedures led to a cascade of receipts, causing confusion and delays.

Checkout, once a smooth experience, transformed into a puzzle with multiple receipts and convoluted details.

Manual inefficiencies crept in as cashiers diligently re-entered data in notebooks, risking errors and prolonging processes.

The absence of a scanning system and barcodes created inconveniences for both customers and employees.

El-Tawheed & El-Nour found itself at a crossroads, navigating through the challenges of a paper-dependent system and hindering adaptation to changes.

Decision-makers struggled with a paper overload, hindering their ability to gain a clear vision due to outdated and inaccurate data.

The Arrival of Edara

Amidst these challenges, and after around 5 years of searching for a suitable digital solution, a transformative force entered the scene – “Edara,” a cloud ERP system. The implementation of Edara marked a swift and impactful change.

It streamlined data management, establishing branch data seamlessly, including item details and barcodes.

In just a month, Edara replicated a smooth and fast purchasing experience, overcoming the challenges that once plagued El-Tawheed & El-Nour.

El-Tawheed & El- Nour's SO Card

The multiple receipts system faded into history, making way for the Sales Order Card (SO Card), a solution that not only eliminated complexities but enhanced the customer experience.

Even employees unfamiliar with computers quickly adapted to Edara’s user-friendly interface and barcode features, bringing newfound efficiency to daily operations.

Decision-makers experienced a transformation as branches connected through a centralized system, providing real-time data updates, enabling remote tracking, and fundamentally changing branch management.

The Transformation and Success

With Edara in place, a new era dawned for El-Tawheed & El-Nour. The once paper-dependent operations became a relic of the past as employees wholeheartedly embraced the digital interface.

Edara’s influence extended beyond the physical stores, integrating seamlessly with Shopify to synchronize product quantities and sales orders between branches and the online store.

Quantities of products and sales orders were synchronized seamlessly, reducing the need for manual data entry and enabling more effective inventory management.

This marked the beginning of a new chapter in El-Tawheed & El-Nour’s success story, characterized by smooth branch operations, increased efficiency, and heightened productivity among employees.

The colors and language of Edara’s screens became integral to daily operations, signifying a shift away from traditional paper-based workflows.

A Turning Point in the Story

In the journey of digital transformation, El-Tawheed & El-Nour witnessed a profound shift — from the challenges of manual processes to the efficiency of a digital interface. Edara not only resolved operational challenges but also marked a turning point in the company’s success story.

The once paper-dependent operations evolved into a streamlined, digital process, fostering increased productivity and efficiency.

As El-Tawheed & El-Nour embraced the language of Edara’s screens, a new era of success unfolded.

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