January 2021 Updates: Focused Improvements for Business Efficiency

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January 2021 Updates: Focused Improvements for Business Efficiency

Edara continues to evolve, delivering enhancements that empower users to streamline their operations, optimize decision-making, and stay ahead of the curve.

With each update, Edara reaffirms its commitment to providing a cutting-edge ERP solution that meets the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Join us as we explore the transformative features introduced in this latest release, poised to drive success and efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

Show Available-To-Promise Balance with Multi-Warehouse Selection

This feature empowers users to toggle the “show to-promise balance” option while selecting multiple warehouses. By doing so, users gain a comprehensive view of inventory availability across various locations simultaneously.

This capability is invaluable for decision-making, enabling users to efficiently allocate resources and fulfill customer orders with confidence.

January Updates 2021 - Show Available-To-Promise Balance with Multi-Warehouse Selection

Net Item Value Column in Purchase Orders

With the addition of the “Net Item Value” column in purchase orders, Edara offers users a clearer insight into the financial effects of their procurement decisions.

This column displays the true value of items post-application of discounts and taxes, facilitating more accurate financial planning and analysis.

Procurement managers can now make informed decisions with confidence, optimizing purchasing strategies and driving cost efficiencies.

January Updates 2021 - Net item value column in PO

Group by Bundle Option in Sales Reports

The new “Group by Bundle” option in sales reports transforms how businesses analyze their sales data. By grouping sales transactions based on bundles, users can gain valuable insights into the performance of bundled products or services.

This feature facilitates targeted marketing campaigns, inventory management, and pricing strategies tailored to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

January Updates 2021 - Group by bundle in the sales report

Customer Name Display in the NR Report

In the Note Receivables (NR) report, Edara now includes the display of customer names alongside transaction details.

This enhancement simplifies reconciliation processes by providing users with immediate visibility into the customers associated with each receivable.

Finance teams can now reconcile transactions more efficiently, reducing errors and ensuring accurate financial reporting.

January Updates 2021 - Show customer's name in NR report

Related Sales Order Column in the NR Report

Enhancing transparency and traceability, Edara introduces a new column in the NR report that displays related sales orders.

This feature enables users to quickly identify the sales orders associated with each note receivable, facilitating seamless tracking and management of transactions.

By establishing clear links between sales orders and receivables, businesses can streamline their order fulfillment and invoicing processes, improving overall efficiency.

January Updates 2021 - Related sales order column in the NR report

New View Mode in the Deleted Documents Report

Exclusive to Ultimate users, the new view mode in the deleted documents report offers enhanced visual analytics capabilities.

Users can now visualize trends and patterns related to document deletions, gaining valuable insights into data integrity and compliance.

This feature empowers businesses to maintain a robust audit trail, ensuring accountability and transparency in their operations.

January Updates 2021 - The summary view in the deleted documents report

Exclusion of Service Items from the Order Discount

To ensure fairness and accuracy in pricing, Edara introduces the ability to exclude service items from order discounts. By applying discounts exclusively to stock items, businesses can maintain transparent pricing practices and optimize revenue streams.

This feature empowers businesses to tailor their pricing strategies to better reflect the value of their products and services, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

January Updates 2021 - Exclude service items from order discount

Save Grid View Option in Sales Targets Page

Sales executives can now personalize their experience on the sales targets page with the new “Save Grid View” option.

This feature allows users to customize their view by arranging columns, adjusting column widths, and hiding or showing specific columns.

By saving these modifications, users can create a personalized dashboard that suits their unique preferences and workflow, enhancing productivity and usability.

January Updates 2021 - (Save grid view) a new option in (sales targets) page

Customizable Data Refresh Intervals in Approval Page

Edara introduces customizable data refresh intervals on the approval page, offering users greater control over their viewing experience.

Users can specify the frequency at which the page automatically updates, ensuring they always have access to the latest information without manual intervention.

This feature streamlines workflow processes, enabling users to stay informed and responsive to changes in real-time, ultimately improving operational efficiency and decision-making.

January Updates 2021 - Auto refresh intervals in approvals

In conclusion, the January 2021 updates to Edara mark another significant step forward in its journey of innovation and user empowerment.

From enhanced visibility into inventory across multiple warehouses to finer control over pricing and sales reporting, these updates are designed to elevate the user experience and drive operational efficiency.

With these new features, businesses can make more informed decisions, streamline processes, and ultimately achieve greater success in today’s dynamic market landscape.

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