2023 in Review: Edara’s Transformative Features Unveiled

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2023 in Review: Edara’s Transformative Features Unveiled

In 2023, Edara team embarked on a mission to elevate the customer experience by introducing innovative features.

As we traverse through the pages of this article, we delve into the core of Edara’s commitment to excellence, exploring the pivotal updates that have reshaped the way businesses operate and manage their processes.

Join us on this comprehensive journey as we spotlight the significant strides Edara has taken to empower its users and enhance operational efficiency.

Receive Products Without Creating a Purchase Invoice

In response to user needs, Edara now allows the receipt of products without the requirement of creating a purchase invoice.

This flexibility in the purchasing module provides a dynamic approach to managing inventory and product receipt processes.

April Updates - Receive PO

Integrate “Edara” with Salla

Edara’s latest update empowers users with the ability to integrate seamlessly with the Salla.

This integration facilitates synchronized operations between Edara and Salla, offering enhanced efficiency and a seamless e-commerce experience.

Edara Salla Integration

Choose Your Preferred View

Edara’s POS system now offers a personalized experience with the introduction of two distinct views: cards view and table view. Users can seamlessly toggle between these options based on their preferences.

The cards View presents a visual representation of products with images, while the table view provides a concise display of sales data in a tabular format.

Edara Updates 2023 - Choose Your Preferred View

Facilitate Order Taking

In the latest update, Edara introduces a user-friendly screen for order recipients. This screen enhances the collection of customer data and ensures orders are directed to the nearest branch, optimizing the order-taking process.

November Updates -Order Taker

Monitor Orders in Real-Time

Edara brings real-time order tracking to the forefront with a new feature that allows users to update delivery statuses promptly.

This enhancement provides a seamless and transparent experience for both businesses and customers throughout the entire order fulfillment journey.

November Updates - Set delivery status

Empower Order Handling

This update showcases a dedicated screen for order takers, placing a spotlight on efficient order processing.

This screen not only facilitates the creation of new customers but also streamlines the retrieval of customer information, contributing to a more seamless order processing workflow.

November Updates - Holding an SO

Update products in Bulk

Edara’s POS module now includes a time-saving feature that lets users bulk update the products’ data.

This enhancement streamlines the products’ information management, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in the overall POS system.

Edara Updates 2023 - Update products in Bulk

Create Products with Multiple UOM

This significant update introduces the ability to create products with multiple units of measurement (UOM).

Users can now enter specific data for each unit, including price, barcode, and SKU, providing a more comprehensive and flexible approach to product management.

Edara Updates 2023 - Create Products with Multiple UOM

Track Stock on-Hand at the Location Level

Edara’s granular approach to inventory management reaches a new pinnacle with the ability to track stock quantities at each location.

This real-time visibility empowers users to make informed decisions, optimize inventory levels, and ensure products are strategically positioned for timely availability.

Businesses can now execute more efficient inventory management practices, enhancing overall operational performance.

December Updates 2023 - product's balance at the location level

Copy & Paste from Excel to a Purchase Request

Edara introduces a user-friendly feature that simplifies the creation of purchase requests. Users can now effortlessly copy and paste purchase data from Excel to a purchase request, streamlining the data entry process and reducing the likelihood of errors.

May Updates - Copy & Paste in the purchase request

Create Purchase Invoice Creation from Multi-Purchase Orders

Efficiency in invoice management is heightened as users can now create a single invoice for multiple purchase orders using the updated purchasing module.

This consolidated approach is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with a multitude of purchase orders.

Edara Updates 2023 - Create an invoice from multi POS

Track Changes Made to Purchasing Documents

Edara takes a significant step forward by introducing a detailed modification history feature in the Purchasing Module.

Stakeholders can now track changes made to purchasing documents, gaining a comprehensive overview of modifications and identifying responsible parties.

May Updates - Purchase order history

Utilize “Activate SO Card” for Single Sales Order Creation

Edara introduces a novel feature that allows users to use a sales order card to create a single sales order from multiple sections.

This streamlined process enhances the efficiency of sales order management, providing greater flexibility for users.

SO Card

Choose Custom Fields for Detailed Sales Order Information

In response to the evolving needs of businesses, “Edara” introduces the ability to display custom fields for detailed sales order information. This feature allows users to tailor sales order details according to their specific business requirements.

For instance, by recording the name of each sales representative for individual items within the sales order, businesses gain a nuanced understanding of the performance of their sales officials.

This customization empowers decision-makers to evaluate and develop the skills of their sales team effectively.

Embrace this feature and explore the myriad ways it can be utilized to optimize your business processes.

Custom fields in the sales order details

Import Sales Orders in Bulk

A new button on the sales order listing page facilitates the import of multiple sales orders in bulk. This feature streamlines the order creation process, providing a more efficient solution for businesses managing a high volume of sales orders.

Import sales orders

Generate Stock Aging Report

A new report in the warehouse module enables users to assess the age of each stock item based on user-defined periods.

The stock aging report enhances decision-making by providing insights into the historical distribution of inventory.

Stock aging report

Specify Price List Based on Warehouse

Edara introduces flexibility in pricing strategies by allowing users to specify a price list with a warehouse.

Users can now select the preferred option when conflicts arise between the warehouse price list and the customer’s price list.

Price list based on warehouse

Calculate Tax in Cash Out Automatically

Edara simplifies financial transactions with the introduction of automated tax calculations in the cash-out document. This feature ensures accurate and compliant tax calculations, streamlining the cash-out process.

VAT at the cash out documents

In conclusion, the year 2023 has been a transformative period for “Edara,” marked by a commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

The array of updates unveiled throughout the year has not only enriched user experiences but has also positioned Edara as a leading force in the realm of Cloud ERP systems.

The journey continues, and Edara remains poised to shape the future of cloud-based enterprise resource planning systems.

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