July 2022 Updates: Enhancing Procurement Efficiency with Edara’s New Features

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July 2022 Updates: Enhancing Procurement Efficiency with Edara’s New Features

In the latest round of updates for July 2022, Edara introduces enhancements geared towards refining procurement processes.

These new features aim to enhance efficiency and the user experience. Let’s take a closer look at how these updates contribute to the ongoing evolution of procurement management within Edara.

New Sales Order Display Page

Edara now offers a revamped sales order display page. Users can activate a new list format, allowing for easy filtering by time period or customer. Additionally, customizable column controls provide a tailored view of sales orders.

July Updates 2022 - SO listing page

Bulk Tag Management for Sales Orders

Efficiency is paramount, and Edara recognizes this by enabling users to add or remove tags in bulk directly from the Sales Orders page, streamlining the organization of data.

July Updates 2022 - Tags for bulk SO

Streamlined Purchase Request Creation

When creating a purchase request, default address details such as name, country, city, district, and street are presented in separate columns, enhancing clarity and ease of use.

July Updates 2022 - Purchase Requests_ details

Seamless Purchase Order Creation from Requests

Edara streamlines the procurement process by allowing users to create purchase orders seamlessly from purchase requests, ensuring efficiency in workflow.

July Updates 2022 PO from Purchase Request 2


Detailed Purchase Request Views

Gain detailed insights into purchase request details, including required, purchased, and remaining quantities.

Users can initiate the creation of purchase orders directly from the details of multiple purchase requests.

July Updates 2022 - Purchase Requests_ details

Enhanced Customer Data Page

The customer data page now includes the display of a customer’s default address in separate columns, providing a clear and organized representation of essential information.

July Updates 2022 - Enhancements in customers addresses

Phone Number Addition to the Customer’s Address

A new field dedicated to adding phone numbers to customer addresses has been introduced. This addition enhances contact details, contributing to improved communication and customer relationship management.

July Updates 2022 - Address phone

Open Document Links on a New Page

Users can now open document links on a new page, contributing to a more seamless navigation experience within the Edara platform.

July Updates 2022 - Open documents on a new tab

Brand Exposure in Purchase Orders

In the pursuit of greater accuracy, Edara introduces a new field for item brands in the columns of purchase order details.

This feature ensures that the brand of each item is clearly visible within the purchase order, reducing the likelihood of errors.

July Updates 2022 - Brand in PO

Multilingual Item Descriptions in the Stock Cost Report

A new checkbox in the report’s custom view enables the display of “Other language descriptions” in the stock cost report, providing users with flexibility and clarity in understanding item details.

July Updates 2022 - Other language description

Total Stock Balance in Warehouse Stock Reports

Edara now exposes the total balances of warehouse quantities, pending items, and reserved items in the warehouse stock report.

This addition provides a holistic view of stock levels, aiding in strategic decision-making.

July Updates 2022 - Totals at the warehouse stock report

Stay tuned for Edara’s continued evolution, prioritizing user efficiency and data accuracy.

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