July 2021 Updates: Boosting Functionality and Accessibility

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July 2021 Updates: Boosting Functionality and Accessibility

In July 2021, Edara introduced several significant updates to enhance the user experience and functionality.

These updates include new features such as a “due date” filter in cheque management, auto-generated passwords for new users, updates in the barcode printing template, and more.

Let’s learn more about these features.

“Due date” a new filter in cheque management

Managing cheques becomes more efficient with the addition of a “due date” filter. Now, users can easily organize and track their cheques based on their due dates, streamlining the process and ensuring timely payments.

(Due date) a new filter in cheque management

Auto-generated passwords for the new users

To enhance security and the user experience, Edara now automatically generates passwords for new users.

These passwords are securely generated and sent via email to the respective users. This ensures that each user has a unique password and can quickly access their account.

Users can then change their password at their convenience, further enhancing account security.

Auto generated passwords for the new users

Updates to the barcode printing template

Users now have more flexibility and control over barcode printing templates. With the addition of options such as edit, new, duplicate, and delete, users can easily customize and manage their barcode printing templates according to their specific requirements.

Updates in the barcode printing template

“Discount rate” & “Discount value” in detailed account ledger

For greater transparency and insight into sales and purchase transactions, Edara has introduced new columns in the detailed account ledger for sales and purchase invoices.

These columns display the discount rate and discount value of each item, providing users with a comprehensive overview of discounts applied to their transactions.

This enhancement facilitates better financial analysis and decision-making.

(Discount rate) & (Discount value) new columns in detailed account ledger for PI documents

Update the serial number in your SO and have it reflect in its related IO

Users can now easily update serial numbers in approved sales orders, even after they have been issued. This update ensures that any changes made to serial numbers are immediately reflected in their related issue offerings.

This feature promotes accuracy and consistency in inventory management, allowing users to maintain precise records of serialized items throughout the supply chain process.

Update the serial number in your SO and have it reflect in its related IO

Auto fill the batch number with the expiration date

For users who do not manually input batch numbers, Edara offers a convenient solution by automatically filling the “batch number” field with the item’s expiration date.

This automation simplifies data entry and ensures that batch numbers are accurately recorded, reducing the risk of errors and improving inventory traceability.

(Tags) a new column in warehouse stocks report

“Tags” in the warehouse stocks report

The addition of a “tags” column in the warehouse stocks report provides users with valuable information about each stock item’s associated tags.

Tags help categorize and organize inventory items based on specific criteria, such as product type, location, or status.

With this new column, users can quickly identify and filter stock items based on their tags, facilitating efficient inventory management and retrieval.

(Tags) a new column in warehouse stocks report

The July 2021 updates to Edara represent significant enhancements aimed at improving functionality, usability, and efficiency for users.

From streamlining cheque management with the addition of a “due date” filter to enhancing security with auto-generated passwords for new users, these updates address key user needs and enhance the overall user experience.

Additionally, the introduction of new features such as updated barcode printing templates, detailed account ledger columns for discount information, and automatic batch number filling further empowers users with greater control and insight into their business operations.

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