October 2020 Updates: Enhancing Efficiency in Edara’s Functionality

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October 2020 Updates: Enhancing Efficiency in Edara’s Functionality

In October 2020, Edara team rolled out a series of enhancements aimed at improving the user experience and functionality, such as introducing countless price lists for tailored B2B trading, integrating “order tags” into sales reports for streamlined analysis, and more.

Let’s delve into each feature.

Tailor B2B Trading with Countless Price Lists

Create countless price lists tailored to your B2B trading needs. This feature empowers efficient management of prices and discounts for each business engagement, ensuring flexibility and customization.

With the ability to create numerous price lists, Edara users can cater to the specific pricing requirements of individual clients or customer segments.

This level of customization enhances the efficiency of pricing strategies and strengthens relationships with business partners.

October Updates 2020 - Get countless price lists

Streamline Analysis with “Order Tags” Integration in Sales Reports

Integrate “order tags” into sales reports and gross profit reports. This addition enables seamless grouping of results, providing clearer insights and streamlined analysis.

By incorporating order tags into sales reports, Edara enhances the analytical capabilities of users. Grouping sales data based on custom-defined tags allows for deeper analysis of sales performance, trends, and customer behaviors, facilitating informed decision-making.

October Updates 2020 - Order tags a new column in sales reports and gross pr

Simplify Reporting with a New Default Date Range in Sales Reports

Experience a new default date range in sales reports, simplifying the reporting process by automatically selecting the last range chosen by the user.

The introduction of a default date range in sales reports reduces the need for manual adjustments, saving users time and effort.

By remembering the user’s previous selection, Edara enhances user convenience and improves workflow efficiency.

October Updates 2020 - A new default date range in sales reports

Enhance Precision with Specific Time Selection in the Date Picker

Choose a specific time with the updated date picker, offering greater precision in data selection. Activate this feature in “global settings” to enhance data accuracy.

The ability to specify a precise time in the date picker enhances data accuracy and granularity. Users can now select specific time intervals for data analysis or reporting, enabling more detailed insights and informed decision-making.

October Updates 2020 - Choose a specific time in the new date picker

Ensure Updated Data with Refresh Icon in Important Reports

Stay updated with a new refresh icon in important reports. Easily refresh reports using the new icon or the shortcut “alt+f5,” ensuring access to the latest data and enhancing user efficiency.

With the addition of a refresh icon in important reports, Edara users can ensure they are working with the most current data.

This feature promotes data accuracy and enables users to make timely decisions based on up-to-date information.

October Updates 2020 - A new refresh icon in some important reports

Optimize Order Management with the “Item Classification” Filter in the Sales Approval Page

Discover the new “item classification” filter in the sales approval page. This filter streamlines order management by displaying orders containing items with specific classifications, optimizing workflow efficiency.

The introduction of the “item classification” filter enhances order management capabilities within Edara.

By filtering orders based on item classifications, users can quickly identify and prioritize orders, streamlining approval processes and improving order fulfillment efficiency.

October Updates 2020 - ''item classification'' a new filter in sales approval page

In summary, the October 2020 updates promise improved productivity, informed decision-making, and ongoing success for users. As Edara continues to innovate, users can expect further transformative updates ahead.

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