June 2024 Updates: Reprint Sales Orders and 3 Other Useful Features for Your Business

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June 2024 Updates: Reprint Sales Orders and 3 Other Useful Features for Your Business

As the first half of this year concludes, we continue to enhance Edara with a series of updates designed to improve user experience and streamline work management.

In June 2024, Edara introduced several new features, including the ability to reprint sales orders with clear markings, display associated purchase orders, and more.

Let’s delve into the details of these new features.

Reprint the Sales Order at the Point of Sale

Edara introduces the ability to reprint sales orders directly at the point of sale. This new feature ensures that reprinted copies are clearly marked with a “Reprinted” stamp, allowing for easy differentiation from original documents.

This enhancement simplifies processes for sales teams and improves documentation accuracy.

June Updates 2024 - Reprinted

Display Purchase Orders Related to the Purchase Request

A new update in Edara allows users to see purchase orders related to specific purchase requests. A dedicated column has been added to the purchase requests page, displaying the codes of linked purchase orders.

This feature enhances traceability and streamlines the procurement process by providing a clear view of related documents.

June Updates 2024 - Associated Orders

Show Consultants on the Quotes Page

Edara now includes a column in the quotes page to display the consultants for each quote.

This provides greater transparency and accountability, making it easier to identify and contact the consultants. It also facilitates better management and follow-up of quotes.

June Updates 2024 - Show Consultants in the Quotes listing page

Display the Brand in the Quotes Documents

The latest update in Edara allows you to display the brand in the quote document. This feature helps distinguish items with similar descriptions, reducing the potential for errors and ensuring clarity in communication.

By including the brand information, users can better identify items and maintain accurate records.

June Updates 2024 - Show the Brand column in the Quotes page


Edara’s June 2024 updates reinforce our commitment to enhancing user experience and streamlining work management.

By introducing features like reprinted sales order markings, linked purchase order displays, consultants visibility on quotes, and brand information in quote documents, we aim to provide users with greater efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in their daily operations.

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