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Edara is one comprehensive, efficient solution that manages accounting, warehouse, sales, purchases, and POS across all channels.

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Edara Smart Features

Smart Features

Needs from the ground, features on the cloud!

Gain a superior level of internal control over your entire business cycle.

All the features work together seamlessly to improve your decision-making capabilities.

Manage, monitor, and analyze all your business transactions smartly and effortlessly to realize your potential.

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Edara Modules

Modules Warehouses

Manage warehouses of all sizes, stock items, and all types of IN, OUT Transfer transactions at all standard valuation methods FIFO, LIFO, Average, and Last Cost.

Get a complete set of inventory reports.

Modules Sales

Maintain your sales order workflow, whether in the sales approvals cycle or in the common Point-Of-Sale model. In addition, get gross profit reports on every item, transaction, customer, and salesperson. Edara links sales orders together with inventory control.

Modules Purchases

Maintain purchase order workflow and get purchase reports on every item, transaction, customer, and purchaser.
Link between purchase orders and inventory control.

Modules Accounting

Group your accounts in a multi-level chart of accounts and get detailed reports of your general ledger, cost centers, accounts receivables, accounts payable, cash collection, and trial balance.
Edara also offers several standard financial statements; income statements, cash flow, and balance sheet.

Edara Sales

Units of measure Divide items into several classifications with different prices and unique barcodes.

Recorder point Stop losing sales on your out-of-stock items!

Physical count Count, record, and compare what you actually have on hand with your records and identify the variances faster.

Edara Sales

Serial Number Sell your serialized items faster!
Users can add the item and its serial number in one step.

Bulk Change Change many products' quantities and prices in any transaction at once.

Edara Purchase

Purchase report Get the end results of your purchase workflow, know the who and the amount of your supplier you buy most.

Deduct returns Be notified of your purchase returns and always have a record of your damaged, faulty or unliked stock-items.

Edara Accounting

Custom financial statement Tailor your financial statements on specific intervals and compare them with those of the same period in the past.

Edara RMA

TAT Know the exact period of time that each item takes during its maintenance process, and which get replaced components, and which get replaced completely.

Defects Predefined your defects in different classifications of your stock-items, in order to get customizable reports.

Edara Integration

Integrated With

Connect with your favorite online tools and let the information flow seamlessly between them and Edara.

Edara also lets you build an integration of your own using its APIs and webhooks.

There's no single application that can manage all functions. That is why understanding the difference between the various online tools, knowing which ones to choose, deciding their purpose, and finally integrating them is a must-have capability in today's workplace.

Google Calendar
Woo commerce

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard

See real-time, easy-to-read charts with up-to-date business information. Monitor your sales and gain insights into your collections status and notes receivables. Identify your top-selling products and most loyal-customers. Track your cash status and bank balances quickly and easily.

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Electronic invoice

Integrate with the electronic invoicing system

We simplify the integration process with the Egyptian Tax Authority and closely monitor your progress until the electronic system is effectively implemented.

Join the Saudi Electronic Invoicing System

“Edara" is accredited by Saudi Arabia's zakat and tax, enabling you to issue electronic invoices compliant with the Authority's requirements.

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