Designed to success

Edara is one complete system covering Accounting, Warehouse, Sales and Purchases. A single application across all channels

Responsive Design

Control the pricing‎

Set your pricing plan and feel your control on every price ‎of ‎every single item. Edara ERP allows you to set the price ‎for all ‎levels of customers. Manage the price limitation ‎and discount whether it’s on Item or on the invoice. Send ‎SMS for sales orders to the customer.‎

Dynamic dashboard‎

Use real-time calculations to quickly determine your revenues, ‎your top customers, and which products sell more and to ‎provide insights into your collections. The Edara ERP solution ‎features a wide-dynamic statistical dashboard that provides ‎continuously updated information. Manage your data before ‎it manages you.‎

Multiple products variants

Prepare your chart of stock items with high ‎consideration for ‎details to come with a dynamic, massive ‎and unlimited levels of ‎properties. Hundreds of items by ‎one click.

Inventory points

Be aware of the shortage in your inventory before it happens. ‎Edara ERP will alert you to re-order your supplies. ‎Show on the slow-moving items in your warehouse and decide ‎what fits your customers.‎

Live Chat Support

Reach out and talk to our support team in no time, Now enjoy more improvements by Instant live chat support to give you what you want, whatever it is, as fast as you need.

Bulk payment

If you have a high sales volume every day, receiving payments for each sale individually can be very hectic.
With Edara “payment” page you can receive payments for multiple orders at once.

Multi currencies

Follow up and manage multiple currencies. Edara ERP ‎automatically adjusts for changes in exchange rates. Manual ‎adjustments are needed no more.‎

Financial reports

Prepare your balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow ‎statement along with the related disclosures and more. Edara ‎comes with a set of beautifully designed and managed instant-‎massive reports that provide real-time data records and ‎business transactions in addition to the financial reports for ‎every cost center to help you unleash the power of income ‎growth for your organization.‎

Recurring sales order‎

Schedule all the recurring sales orders to be made ‎automatically at the time you specify. You don’t need to do it ‎yourself anymore. ‎