April 2020 Updates: Optimizing Operations with Edara

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April 2020 Updates: Optimizing Operations with Edara

In April 2020, Edara introduced several enhancements aimed at streamlining your workflow and enhancing user experience. From simplifying bulk edits to improving import processes and enhancing customer interactions, these updates are designed to make your operations more efficient and effective. Let’s delve into the details of these exciting new features.

Discover New Updates on the Stock Items Bulk Edit Page

You will get a distinctive experience when you enter the bulk editing page for items, as we divided the conditions screen into two sections: “Filter” and “View”, to facilitate dealing with the interface.

In addition, we have added a new view for items that have units of measure, which enables you to modify UOM’s price and part number for a large number of items at once from one place.

April Updates 2020 - Stock item bulk edit

Import Item Data with the Click of a Button

No need to waste time adding item information one by one on the stock item master data page or the stock item bulk edit page!

We have prepared a new Excel sheet for you on the import page that allows you to enter more data when importing items through added columns.

April Updates 2020 - Import stock items

Show the Customer’s Name When Printing a “Cash in” Document

You can now know which customers you are selling to by mentioning the customer’s name in printing a “cash in” document if the customer accounts are linked to more than one customer.

April Updates 2020 - Display customer field in CI print template

Allocate the Discount at the Invoice Item Level

This month, we added a new feature in sales that helps you exclude or add service prices—such as shipping and delivery services—from any discount you have implemented at the item level.

You can now exclude or implement the total discount—if the discount is in proportion—in a specific sale at the level of items and services together, or on each of them separately.

April Updates 2020 - Discount on stock items only

Match Sales Order Items to Already Processed Items

Instead of manually checking the items in sales orders, and to avoid making any errors with quantities and calculations, we have added the feature of matching the items in the sales order with the items prepared for the customer through scanning, to ensure that the process is completed successfully.

This feature helps grocery and vegetable business owners, as it can ensure that the items prepared for delivery to the customer match the sales order.

April Updates 2020 - Get a notification of scanning all the items in an SO

Easily Know the Number of Approvals Required

There is no need to count the approvals manually. Once you open the approval page now, you will get this information, so you can enjoy more organization and ease.

April Updates 2020 - No. of approvals

Use Shortcuts and Get Your Work Done Faster

From one place, learn about management shortcuts, so you can talk to the program easily, and in a language that it quickly understands. You can find these shortcuts in the User Data section.

With each update, Edara demonstrates its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for businesses.

April Updates 2020 - Edara's shortcuts

The April 2020 updates bring significant improvements, empowering users to manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.

From enhanced bulk editing capabilities to streamlined import processes and improved customer interactions, these updates pave the way for smoother workflows and greater productivity. As Edara continues to evolve, users can look forward to even more innovative features to support their growing needs in the future.

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