August 2022 Updates: Edara Boosts Work Efficiency

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August 2022 Updates: Edara Boosts Work Efficiency

In August 2022, Edara rolled out a series of updates aimed at enhancing the user experience and streamlining various processes.

These updates encompass a range of features designed to simplify tasks, improve accuracy, and provide users with more control over their operations.

Let’s delve into the improvements that Edara introduced this month.

Bulk issue of sales orders

Edara users can now enjoy the convenience of bulk-issuing sales orders with a single click. The new option in the navigation menu streamlines the sales order process, allowing for efficient and quick management of orders.

August Updates 2022 - Mass issue sales orders

Open/Close Cash Register

A valuable addition to the settings of points of sale, the option to open or close a cash register provides users with a comprehensive summary of sales operations.

This includes the proposed balance, the actual balance, and the difference between them, offering enhanced control over financial transactions.

August Updates 2022 - Open _ Close cash register

Manage Cash at The Point of Sale (POS)

Edara users can now manage cash operations directly within points of sale, facilitating more accurate cash exchange and receipt processes.

This feature contributes to improved financial management within the system.

August Updates 2022 - Cash in (POS)

Follow Up on Your Cash Registers Easily

Edara introduces a user-friendly page displaying short data for currently open cash registers and a detailed statement for closed registers.

This feature simplifies the follow-up and review process, providing quick insights into cash register activities.

August Updates 2022 - register-closures

Display the Profits of the Different Cases on the Dashboard

The dashboard now includes a feature enabling users to view profits categorized by non-zero sales, zero sales, or all sales.

This enhancement allows businesses to analyze profits based on specific criteria.

August Updates 2022 - Profit in Dashboard

Generate Periodic Sales Report

Edara introduces a powerful tool for sales analysis – the periodic sales report. Users can access quantities and values of sales for daily periods (morning and evening), compare total daily sales with the previous week, and analyze the differences.

This feature facilitates informed decision-making through comprehensive sales data.

August Updates 2022 - Periodic sales report

Hide a Custom Field

Users now have the flexibility to easily hide unused custom fields, streamline interfaces, and tailor them to meet their specific needs.

August Updates 2022 - Hide a custom field

Hide Account Classifications From the Account Ledger Report

Edara enhances control over reporting by allowing users to hide account classifications from the account ledger report.

This capability, managed through page permissions, provides flexibility in tailoring financial reports to suit the unique requirements of each user.

August Updates 2022 - Ability to hide the accounts classification V3 (1)

Display the Totals in the Stock Sell-Out Summary Report

The stock sell-out summary report now includes the option to display total transaction types, providing a comprehensive overview of stock movements and sales.

August Updates 2022 - Totals in stock sell out summary


With these updates, Edara continues to solidify its position as a leading cloud ERP system, empowering users with enhanced functionality and flexibility.

Whether it’s streamlining sales processes, improving cash management, or providing more control over financial reports, Edara’s August 2022 updates bring tangible benefits to businesses leveraging this robust ERP solution.

Learn more about these features from Edara help center.

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