April 2021 Updates: Streamlining Operations with Edara’s New Enhancements

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April 2021 Updates: Streamlining Operations with Edara’s New Enhancements

In April 2021, Edara introduced several new features and enhancements aimed at providing users with enhanced control, flexibility, and insight into their processes.

From improved audit capabilities to advanced cheque management and inventory enhancements, these updates reflect Edara’s commitment to continuously innovate and empower businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

Join us as we explore the key updates and how they can benefit your organization.

Log History in Fixed Assets and Manufacturing Modules

With the introduction of the log audit feature in the Fixed Assets and Manufacturing Modules, users gain a comprehensive overview of all document activities.

This includes detailed records of changes made to documents, along with information about the user who made the changes and the date they were made.

This level of transparency enhances accountability and facilitates auditing processes within these modules.

April Updates 2021 - (Log audit) now in Fixed Assets and Manufacturing Modules

Use Batch Numbers for Stock Items

The ability to utilize batch numbers for stock items offers greater flexibility in inventory management. Instead of relying solely on expiration dates, users can now track and manage stock based on batch numbers.

This update simplifies the process of identifying and addressing issues within specific batches of products, thereby improving efficiency and accuracy in stock management.

April Updates 2021 - Use the batch number for your stock items

Arrange Cheques in Different Stages

Edara’s latest update empowers users to organize their cheques according to various stages within their internal processes.

This feature provides users with the flexibility to customize cheque management workflows to suit their specific business requirements.

By organizing cheques into different stages, users can streamline processes and ensure smoother transaction handling.

April Updates 2021 - Arrange your cheque in different stages

Enhanced Cheque Management

The enhanced cheque management capabilities in Edara enable users to effectively track and process cheques with greater efficiency.

By leveraging default statuses such as “cashed” or “rejected” and custom phases tailored to their organization’s workflow, users can manage cheque transactions seamlessly.

This update automates certain steps related to bank cheques, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors in cheque processing.

April Updates 2021 - Manage your cheques with Edara

Convert Cheque Types from NR to NP

Edara now offers the ability to convert notes receivable (NR) cheques to notes payable (NP) cheques effortlessly.

This feature simplifies the process of paying suppliers by allowing users to convert cheque types with minimal clicks.

By streamlining cheque management processes, organizations can improve efficiency in supplier payments and financial transactions.

April Updates 2021 - Change your cheques type from NR to NP

Fulfillment Status Filter in Sales Order Reports

The introduction of the “fulfillment status” filter in sales order reports provides users with valuable insights into order fulfillment status.

Users can now generate reports based on whether orders have been fulfilled, not fulfilled, or both, enabling them to track order progress more effectively.

This filter enhances visibility and facilitates better decision-making regarding sales order management.

April Updates 2021 - Fulfillment status in the Sales order report

Control Access to Lowest & Highest RS Prices

Edara now offers enhanced security features that allow administrators to control access to sensitive information, specifically the lowest and highest RS prices in stock sellout summary reports.

By restricting access to authorized individuals, organizations can safeguard sensitive pricing data and maintain confidentiality.

This feature enhances data security and ensures that only authorized personnel can view critical pricing information.

April Updates 2021 - Lowest & Highest RS price

Scan to Compare RS with PO

The new “scan to compare RS with PO” feature simplifies the process of matching received supplies with related purchase orders.

By scanning items, users can quickly and accurately compare received supplies with their corresponding purchase orders, ensuring consistency and accuracy in inventory management.

This feature streamlines the reconciliation process and reduces the risk of errors in inventory tracking.

April Updates 2021 - Scan to compare your RS with PO

Update UOM Prices and Part Numbers in Bulk Edit

In the updated bulk edit page for stock items, users can now easily update unit of measure (UOM) prices and part numbers in bulk.

This feature enhances efficiency by allowing users to make simultaneous updates to multiple stock items, reducing the time and effort required for manual data entry.

By streamlining the bulk editing process, organizations can maintain accurate inventory records and improve overall productivity.

April Updates 2021 - Easily bulk edit the UOM stock items

In conclusion, the April 2021 updates to Edara bring significant enhancements across various modules, empowering users with greater control, efficiency, and transparency in their operations.

From improved audit trails and cheque management to enhanced reporting capabilities and streamlined inventory management, these updates reflect Edara’s commitment to continually evolving to meet the evolving needs of its users.

With these new features, businesses can optimize their processes, reduce manual effort, and make more informed decisions, ultimately driving growth and success.

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