December 2021 Updates: More than 10 Features Improve Your Work

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December 2021 Updates: More than 10 Features Improve Your Work

For companies utilizing cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like Edara, monthly updates serve as crucial milestones in enhancing functionality, improving user experience, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

The December 2021 updates to Edara bring a host of new features and enhancements aimed at streamlining processes, empowering users, and fostering greater efficiency across various facets of business operations.

In this article, we delve into the key updates introduced in December 2021, exploring their significance and potential impact on businesses utilizing Edara to manage their operations effectively.

Specify the Batch Number When Starting the Production Order

When starting a production order within Edara, users can now input the batch number and expiration date of raw materials right at the beginning of the process.

Additionally, they can view the availability of raw materials directly on the same screen, ensuring all necessary components are in stock before production.

December Updates 2021 - Adding batch when starting a production order

Show Order Number in Sales Order Report

The sales order report now includes the order number, allowing for a comprehensive view of sales data within a single report.

This enhancement streamlines data visualization and analysis for improved decision-making.

December Updates 2021 - Order number in SO report

Control Font Size in Barcode Print

Users have the flexibility to adjust the font size of barcodes to better suit the requirements of their specific tasks and personal preferences.

This customization option enhances usability and readability in barcode printing.

December Updates 2021 - Barcode's font size control

Show Sales Bundle Description in Sales Order and Sales Invoice Print Template

When managing bundle sales offers or orders, there’s often a need to gather critical details from both the supplier and the customer.

In the past, it was standard practice to lay out all bundle-related information in print. However, now it’s a choice. Do you wish to see bundle specifics? We can either list each item’s details (quantity, price, discount, and tax) separately or consolidate them on a single line alongside the bundle name and total.

December Updates 2021 - print the Bundle name

Add Customer Code to Some Reports

A column containing customer codes has been added to several reports, such as “Sales Orders, Item Sales, and Customer Aggregate Sales,” making it easy and quick to search for customers by code.

Searching by name alone could result in similar names appearing or unintentional errors occurring.

December Updates 2021 - Customer code in the sales orders report

Add New Columns in the Stock Cost Report

To facilitate in-depth analysis, additional columns have been incorporated into the stock cost report. These new columns provide users with more comprehensive information for better decision-making regarding stock management and cost analysis.

December Updates 2021 - New columns at the stock cost report

Apply QR Code on Sales Invoice Print Template

Sales invoices now include QR codes, providing a convenient way for customers to access additional information or interact with the invoice digitally.

This enhancement enhances invoice functionality and modernizes the customer experience.

December Updates 2021 - QR code on the sales invoice print

Updates related to electronic invoicing

Since the start of the digital transition for tax invoices, we at “Edara” have been focused on enhancing features and updates to assist invoice issuers, streamlining the process to accelerate production. Below are the developed features concerning electronic invoices from last month.

Submit or Update Status for Many Orders with One Click

A new feature enables users to update the status of multiple orders related to e-invoices simultaneously with just one click.

This streamlined process saves time and improves efficiency in managing orders and invoices.

December Updates 2021 - Bulk submit in the ETA

Add Tax Registration ID or National ID as Required Fields with Specifying Default Numbers

Users can now designate the tax registration number or national ID as mandatory fields when entering customer information, helping to ensure accurate and complete data entry.

Default numbers can also be specified to prevent errors and streamline the input process.

December Updates 2021 - Customer master data settings

Prevent Saving E-Invoice Documents without standards compliance

To comply with regulations and enhance data integrity, Edara now restricts the saving of e-invoice documents if the customer’s national ID is not provided and the net total of the sales order equals or exceeds 50,000 EGP.

This measure helps to enforce compliance and prevent potential issues with tax authorities.

December Updates 2021 - Prevent selling over 50,000 without ID

Create a Business Customer from Customer Quick Add Window

Users can now quickly create business customers directly from the customer quick add window.

This feature allows for rapid entry of customer information, including specifying the customer type (consumer/business) and address, streamlining the customer creation process.

December Updates 2021 - Create a business consumer from the sales order page

Change Tax Code Easily in the Sales Order

Edara users now have the ability to easily modify tax codes within sales orders to accommodate entities exempted from taxes or other tax-related adjustments.

This ensures accurate tax calculations and compliance with regulatory requirements.

December Updates 2021 - Zero tax for those who are exempt from tax

These updates empower users with greater control, flexibility, and efficiency in managing their operations, ultimately driving productivity and supporting business growth.

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