October 2022 Updates: Time-Saving Features for Accelerated Operations

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October 2022 Updates: Time-Saving Features for Accelerated Operations

Edara continues to pave the way for innovation with its November 2022 updates. These enhancements focus on streamlining production processes, refining financial insights, and saving valuable time for businesses.

Let’s delve into the key features introduced in this latest update.

Start Production Orders in Bulk

Edara introduces a new feature on the production orders page, allowing users to initiate multiple production orders simultaneously.

This enhancement streamlines the production process, catering to businesses with high-volume manufacturing requirements.

October Updates 2022 - Mass start production orders

Complete Production Orders in Bulk

Building on the efficiency theme, Edara now enables users to process numerous production orders at once.

This bulk completion feature in the production orders page ensures a swift and seamless workflow, especially for organizations dealing with a large number of orders.

October Updates 2022 - Mass Complete production orders

Check/Reconcile the Cost of Production Orders

A significant addition to the production orders page is the ability to check and reconcile the cost of completed production orders.

This feature provides users with the tools to ensure the accuracy of production costs, correct any discrepancies, and generate detailed files for reference.

October Updates 2022 - Product cost reconciliation

Hide Raw Materials Cost on Production Order Print

For enhanced customization and confidentiality, Edara allows users to hide the cost of raw materials when printing production orders.
This feature adds a layer of flexibility for businesses that prefer to disclose specific cost details selectively.

October Updates 2022 - Hide cost in the production order print

Flag Reprinted Sales Orders

In the sales domain, Edara introduces a feature that stamps reprinted sales orders on the print template.

This simple yet effective addition helps maintain order clarity and transparency, especially in scenarios where document versions need to be distinguished.

October Updates 2022 - Flag reprinted order

Show Monthly Depreciation Details in The Exported File

Understanding organizational asset depreciation becomes more detailed with Edara’s update.

The section now includes monthly depreciation details for each asset in the exported file, facilitating better comparisons with accounting data.

October Updates 2022 - Monthly depreciation details

Show Customer Type & Insertion Date in The Sales Report

Enhancing sales reporting capabilities, Edara organizes sales reports by customers, providing insights into client types and creation dates.

This added granularity aids businesses in analyzing customer-related data for strategic decision-making.

October Updates 2022 - Customer insert date in the sales report

Exclude Variants When Creating Grouping Item

Edara offers more flexibility in inventory management by allowing users to exclude certain proposed items when saving or editing a grouped item.

This feature streamlines the grouping process, making it more tailored to specific business needs.

October Updates 2022 - Convert stock item to grouping item

Convert Stock Item to A Grouping Item

Efficiency is further optimized with the ability to convert stock items into grouping items. This feature simplifies inventory management by allowing seamless transitions between item types.

October Updates 2022 - Convert stock item to grouping item

Import Products in POS

Recognizing the value of time in organizational progress, Edara introduces a time-saving update.
A new button in the ERP accounting program enables users to import groups of products, significantly reducing the time required for individual registrations.

October Updates 2022 - Import locations

Import Locations in POS

Simplifying location management, Edara introduces a new button on the locations page, facilitating the easy import of locations. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple points of sale.

October Updates 2022 - Import locations

Import Suppliers in POS

For efficient vendor management, Edara introduces a new button on the suppliers’ page, enabling the quick import of a large number of suppliers. This streamlines the process of vendor data entry.

Otober Updates - Import suppliers

Print cash Transactions at The POS

Edara’s commitment to providing a comprehensive solution extends to point-of-sale transactions. Users can now print cash transactions at the POS, ensuring that financial records are well-documented for reference and auditing purposes.

October Updates 2022 - Print cash transactions


Edara’s November 2022 update reflects a commitment to providing a robust, user-friendly, and feature-rich cloud ERP System.

These enhancements not only streamline day-to-day operations but also empower businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of modern commerce successfully.

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