April 2024 Updates: Create a Product with Attributes and 3 Other Features

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April 2024 Updates: Create a Product with Attributes and 3 Other Features

In April 2024, Edara’s team focused on enhancing point-of-sale operations. New updates simplify product creation and offer detailed insights into discounts.

These improvements aim to streamline processes and empower businesses. Let’s explore these updates in detail.

Create a product with attributes (Variants) in the point of sales module

In the latest point of sales module update, users can now efficiently create products with customizable attributes.

For example, if you have a T-shirt available in two colors (Red and Blue) and two sizes (L and XL), you can easily generate variations like Red-L, Red-XL, Blue-L, and Blue-XL without the hassle of creating each item separately.

April Updates 2024 - Product's Variants

Find out product discount data on every closure

Users can now access detailed discount information for each product within a shift. This feature enables viewing the discount value at the individual product level in addition to the total discount during that shift.

Understanding discount distribution becomes more manageable and aids in detailed analysis.

April Updates 2024 - Discount column in the Closure Summary

Easily export closure data

Facilitating data analysis and processing, Edara now allows for easy export of closure summary to an excel sheet. This functionality empowers users to conduct in-depth analysis or perform specific tasks requiring external processing.


Export the Closure Summary to Excel

Show the reference number and tax on the Purchases Invoices page

The Purchases Invoices page receives a simplified yet informative upgrade. New data has been added to provide a clearer view of purchase details.

Users can now readily access the purchase invoice reference number, often the associated purchase order code, and ascertain the tax value directly from the Purchases Invoices page.

This enhancement eliminates the need to navigate through multiple documents, streamlining the process.

April Updates 2024 - New Columns in the Purchase invoices Page

In conclusion, the April 2024 updates to Edara represent significant enhancements aimed at improving the user experience and efficiency.

With the introduction of features such as streamlined product attribute creation, detailed closure summary insights, simplified data export capabilities, and enhanced purchase invoice visibility, Edara continues to evolve as a comprehensive and user-friendly cloud ERP solution.

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