Edara Updates in April 2020

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Edara Updates in April 2020

We have been busy this month to give you an improved experience you deserve with Edara.

Here are our latest features.

Deleted Documents Report

There is nothing worse than not being able to follow up the “Deleted Documents.” Now, you can display your deleted transactions, its code, date, time of creation/deletion, total value, other related entries, and the user who deleted the document. This new report enables you to track the process of deletion to prevent any manipulation and correct any mistakes that might happen.

Journal entries multi-selection

There is no need to generate a new report for each selection anymore as you can now select many journal entries at once in the posting page. Utilize this feature to display all your JE and change their posting status for many various documents with one press, or to compare their results.

Manual JE duplication

Waste no time with the “Duplicate” button which appears in the display mode after creating a manual JE. With this duplication, Edara automatically creates a new JE in a new tab with the current date, at the same time, enables you to change the accounts values and its type(Credit or Debit). You can use this feature for calculating payrolls, commissions, and so on.

We also have a recurring journal entry feature in case of saving the same accounts values.

Customized target list in Edara

Your target list is now more flexible. Select whether to hide or show columns by clicking this icon placed at the upper right corner of your list. You will also notice new columns such as [target amount], [target quantity], [target type]. and when you are done, click the “save” option to return to the same view/dimensions /sort options next time. And if you change your mind, you can click the “clear” option to start from scratch or return to the default view.

Or simply tap the “load” option to retrieve the old view.

Sales order report: a new addition

Get to know which account receivable relates to the customers for each sale order with a new column that displays the related accounts receivable per order, so you can collect all the information you need from one view.

This piece of information is so beneficial if you want to know the linkage between your sales and accounting.

Enhanced bulk edit page

You will have a refreshed and improved navigation experience in the stock-item bulk edit page, which enables you to filter and tag multi-documents at once. And we’ve added the “last RS price,” “Last RS Date,” this information helps you make the right pricing decisions for your items.

On the other hand, it’s now easier to modify your default unit of measure by making its column editable; you can also view the units of measure chain by a new column displaying the “UOM chain.”

Approval data auto-refresh

Get your “Approvals data” updated with less loading time by running a new sales setting called “Apply Approvals auto-refresh intervals.” This setting enables you to set refresh intervals per user. You can utilize the diversity of periods to distinguish between your users according to when and how much data one user sees. The range starts from 2 minutes to 20 minutes; you can also determine to add or remove all users at once and apply the same period to all your users.

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