July 2024 Updates: New Purchase Order Features and More

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July 2024 Updates: New Purchase Order Features and More

We begin the second half of 2024 with a set of updates that will streamline your workflow and provide more details about your operations. We have enhanced the purchase order approval workflow, added new information display features on the purchase requests page, and introduced several other valuable improvements.

In this article, we will review these updates in detail to help you understand how they can benefit your business.

Create an Approval Workflow for the Purchase Order

In this update, we have introduced the ability to create an approval workflow for purchase orders.

This feature allows you to specify conditions under which purchase orders require approval before completion.

You can assign specific users with the authority to approve these purchase orders, ensuring that all purchases undergo a thorough approval process, thereby enhancing control and accountability within your procurement operations.

Create an approval workflow for the purchase order

Approve/Reject Purchase Orders Related to the Workflow

To complement the new approval workflow feature, we have also added the capability for assigned users to approve or reject purchase orders directly within the workflow.

This means that users designated as approvers can now approve purchase orders if they meet the necessary conditions or reject them if they are deemed unnecessary.

Additionally, this feature includes the ability to undo the approval and rejection, providing flexibility to manage and rectify any changes in procurement needs.

Approve/Reject Purchase Orders Related to the Workflow

Display New Information on the Purchase Request Page

We have enhanced the purchase request page to display more detailed information. Now, you can see who created the purchase request, and the exact creation time. Additionally, you can view who made the last modification and the time of that modification.

July Updates 2024 - Display new information on the purchase request page

Show the Related Grouping Item in the Sales Report and Gross Profit

A new checkbox feature has been added to the sales report and gross profit reports grouped by stock items. This checkbox allows you to display the related grouping item, providing a clearer and more organized view of your sales data and gross profit margins.

This enhancement helps in better-analyzing sales performance and profitability by grouping items in a way that makes the data more meaningful and easier to interpret.

July Updates 2024 - Show the related grouping item in the sales report and gross

Display the Brand in the Print Template of the Quote

We have introduced a new option in the print template of the quote that allows you to display the brand of the items being quoted.

This addition is particularly useful for businesses that manage multiple brands or want to emphasize brand information in their quotations.

Including the brand in the print template ensures that your quotes are more informative and aligned with your branding strategy, providing clear and professional documentation for your clients.

July Updates 2024 - Show the Brand in the Quote printing

These updates are designed to enhance your efficiency, provide detailed insights, and improve control over your processes. We are committed to continuously improving our ERP system to better serve your needs. Stay tuned for more enhancements in the coming months.

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