November 2022 Updates: Transforming User Experience with Advanced Features

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November 2022 Updates: Transforming User Experience with Advanced Features

Today’s dynamic requirements demand constant innovation. At our core, we are committed to staying ahead, anticipating change, and enhancing your business management experience.

This article unveils the November 2022 updates to “Edara.” Join us as we explore these transformative strides, envisioning a future of seamless efficiency and adaptability for your business.

Streamlined Sales Order Management

Edara users can now delve deeper into their sales orders with the revamped Sales Orders page. This update improves the display of sales orders, providing a comprehensive view and enabling users to export sales orders to an Excel sheet.

Additionally, enjoy enhanced flexibility with a broader range of filtration methods and options for efficient sales order management.

November Updates 2022 - Enhancements in the Sales orders listing page

Deletion of All Training Transactions

Simplifying post-training transitions, Edara now allows users to effortlessly delete all training-related documents without the need for external support.

This feature streamlines the process, enabling employers to seamlessly transition from training to active operational phases.

November Updates 2022 - Remove system transactions

In-Depth Sales Invoice Insights

The sales invoice page now boasts a new section displaying intricate details, including item specifics, pricing, discounts, and tax information.

This addition equips users with a more comprehensive understanding of their sales transactions, facilitating better financial management.

November Updates 2022 - SI page display mode

Transparent Credit Note Entries

Similar to the sales invoice, the credit note entry page now offers a detailed view of relevant information, such as item details, pricing, discounts, and taxes.

This enhancement simplifies the tracking and management of credit transactions, promoting transparency and accuracy.

November Updates 2022 - CN page display mode

Supplier Visibility in The Cashing Process

To streamline the cashing process, Edara introduces a new column displaying the name of the related supplier in the NP/NR cashing popup.

This addition simplifies transaction tracking, making it easier for users to identify and manage supplier-related information during the cashing process.

November Updates 2022 - Show supplier on NP,NR cashing popup

Effortless Cheque Management

Edara users now have the ability to reset all proposed amounts to zero with a single click, thanks to the new “Ignore” button in the cheque cashing window.

This feature enhances user control, providing a quick and efficient way to manage proposed pay cheque amounts.

November Updates 2022 - Reset proposal on NR,NP cashing popup

Bulk Warehouse Modifications

Efficiency in warehouse management receives a boost with the ability to modify the warehouse in bulk for sales orders from the sales store. This feature streamlines the process for businesses handling a large volume of sales orders, improving overall order management.

November Updates 2022 - Bulk change in warehouse column

Enhanced Warehouse Visibility

Users can now view warehouse information set on the sales approval and sales listing pages. This enhancement offers improved visibility into warehouse-related data, facilitating better decision-making in the sales process.

November Updates 2022 - Warehouse data in the sales approvals pages

Displaying Stock Item Brand in Sales Report

Edara now allows users to add a brand column to the sales report when grouped by stock item. This addition enhances the granularity of sales reports, providing valuable insights into brand-specific performance.

November Updates 2022 - Group by Brand in the sales report

Precision in Production Planning

For enhanced production planning, a new column displaying the product’s production plan code has been added. This feature simplifies production tracking and planning, contributing to more efficient manufacturing processes.

November Updates 2022 - Plan code

Edara’s November 2022 updates go beyond the surface, redefining how businesses interact with their ERP system.

By focusing on user empowerment, transparency in financial transactions, and strategic insights through reporting, Edara sets a new standard for efficiency and innovation in the ERP landscape.

As businesses navigate the challenges of the digital era, Edara stands ready to be their trusted partner in their journey towards operational excellence.

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