June 2021 Updates: Enhancing Efficiency with Edara’s Features

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June 2021 Updates: Enhancing Efficiency with Edara’s Features

In June 2021, Edara rolled out a series of updates aimed at enhancing the user experience and functionality.

With a commitment to continuous improvement, Edara introduced several new features and improvements designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and provide users with greater flexibility in managing their business processes.

In this article, we’ll delve into each of these updates, providing a comprehensive overview of the enhancements introduced in the latest version of Edara.

Create Free Units of Measure

In the latest update of Edara, users now have the flexibility to create free units of measure. Unlike before, where units of measure were tied to fixed ratios, now you can define units without preset ratios.

This means that the ratio for each unit will be determined dynamically at the time of creating the item, offering more versatility in managing inventory.

Create free units of measure

Add New Columns in the Stock Item Bulk Edit

When editing stock items in bulk, two new columns have been added in the “Units of Measure” view.

The first column, “Is primary,” indicates whether a particular unit of measure is the primary one used to measure the item.

The second column, “Ratio,” displays the ratio of the unit of measure in question to the primary unit. These additions provide clearer insights into how units of measure are related to each other.

(Is praimary) and (Ratio) new columns in units of measure view in stock item bulk edit

Show the Amount in System Currency in Your Printed CI&CO

A convenient enhancement has been made to printed cash in & cash out documents (CI&CO) within Edara.

Regardless of the currency used for individual transactions, users can now display the amounts in their primary system currency on printed cash documents.

This enhances the clarity of information in print when delivered to external parties.

Show the amount in system currency in your printed CI & CO

Create Your Freight Policy Easily

The process of creating freight policy has been made more efficient with the inclusion of the sales order summary on the issue offering page.

This feature allows users to quickly access and input relevant information from sales orders onto freight policy, streamlining logistics and shipping processes.

Create your bills of lading easily

Show “item location” When Comparing Orders

In order to expedite warehouse operations, a new “Item Location” column has been added in the compare mode pop-up.

This column facilitates the location of items within the warehouse, making it easier for users to identify and issue items as needed, thus enhancing overall efficiency in inventory management.

(Item location) a new column in the compare mode pop-up wind

Add or Remove Customers’ Tags Effortlessly

Managing customer tags has become more convenient with the addition of the “tags” column to the customer data page.

Users can now add or delete tags related to multiple customers simultaneously, simplifying the organization and categorization of customer information.

Add or remove customers' tags effortlessly

“Customer Tags” Now in Sales Invoices’ print

For improved customization and communication, customer tags are now visible on sales invoices.

This enhancement allows users to include relevant customer tags when printing sales invoices, providing additional context or categorization for transactions.

(Customer tags) now in sales invoices

Use “Last RS Price” and “Last RS Date” for Pricing

In the stock item bulk edit page, two new columns, “Last RS Price” and “Last RS Date,” have been added.

These columns enable users to filter and select items based on their pricing history, which is particularly useful for pricing updates or adjustments.

Users can view the price and date of the last received supplies document, aiding in informed pricing decisions to ensure profitability.

Easy pricing process

With these improvements, Edara continues to evolve as a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize their processes and stay ahead in today’s dynamic market landscape.

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