April Updates: Streamlining Operations with Practical Enhancements

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April Updates: Streamlining Operations with Practical Enhancements

Edara, the Cloud ERP System, continues to prove its commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions with its latest updates in April 2023.

This article explores the significant enhancements introduced in Edara, focusing on integration with the Salla platform, improvements in stock aging reporting, and new features at points of sale (POS) and in the purchasing module.

Integration with Salla

For businesses relying on “Salla”, the integration with Edara brings a myriad of benefits, addressing common challenges in warehouse management. This seamless connection allows online store owners to:

  • Access real-time reports on inventory movement.
  • Simultaneously code products for efficient tracking.
  • Sync sales orders effortlessly.
  • Maintain accurate control over inventory balances.

الربط التكاملي بين إدارة وسلة

Enhanced Stock Aging Report

Edara now introduces a new filtering feature in the stock aging report, allowing users to view the duration of each category’s inventory flexibly.

This enhancement empowers organizations to make informed decisions about their stock and optimize their operations accordingly.

April Updates - Filter by classifications in the stock aging report

New Features at Points of Sale

Edara’s commitment to optimizing user experiences extends to its point of sale (POS) module, where significant updates have been implemented to enhance the overall retail journey. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key improvements:

Search and Quantity Editing Properties

Users can now conduct searches for items using various methods, such as images or barcodes.

The introduction of smart clicks on the (+) or (-) buttons allows for seamless and intuitive adjustments to item quantities.

This improvement streamlines the checkout process, ensuring a more efficient and user-friendly experience for both customers and staff.

April Updates - Search options

Discounts and Delivery Fees

Edara introduces increased flexibility in transaction management by enabling users to apply discounts or add delivery fees directly to sales orders at the point of sale.

This feature provides businesses with the adaptability to accommodate various pricing structures and promotional strategies on the spot, enhancing their ability to meet customer expectations and market demands.

April Updates - Delivery & Discount

Sales Refund from POS

The return process is simplified with the ability to create sales refunds directly from the POS.

Users can choose the preferred method of refund, whether in cash or through bank transactions, streamlining the reconciliation process and improving customer service by expediting returns.

April Updates - Sales refund

Closure and Sales Order Summaries

Edara users can now conveniently review summaries of closures and sales orders directly from their respective pages within the POS module.

This enhancement provides quick access to critical information, facilitating better decision-making and improving overall operational efficiency.

April Updates - Closure summary

Unsynced Orders Filter

A practical addition to the sales orders page is the introduction of an unsynced orders filter.This filter simplifies order management by allowing users to identify and view orders that have not been synchronized, providing transparency and aiding in the resolution of any potential discrepancies.

April Updates - Un-synced orders

New Features in Purchasing Module

Edara introduces practical features in the purchasing module to streamline procurement processes:

Receive Products without Purchase Invoice

Edara introduces a practical feature that allows businesses to streamline their operations significantly. With the ability to receive products without the necessity of creating a purchase invoice, the procurement process becomes more agile and efficient.

This functionality is particularly beneficial in scenarios where immediate acknowledgment of product receipt is essential, providing a simplified workflow for managing inventory and ensuring that operations continue seamlessly without the immediate requirement of invoice creation.

April Updates - Receive PO

Create Purchase Invoice from Multi Purchase Orders

In a move to enhance efficiency in the purchasing module, Edara introduces a feature that simplifies the review process for invoices received from suppliers.

Specifically, when goods are received through multiple purchase orders from the same supplier, this feature enables users to consolidate these orders into a single purchase invoice.

This consolidation not only reduces administrative overhead but also provides a clear and concise overview of the entire transaction with a particular supplier.

This streamlining of the invoice review process enhances accuracy, reduces the likelihood of errors, and facilitates a more efficient reconciliation process between suppliers and procurement teams. Ultimately, it simplifies the administrative aspects of managing procurement, allowing businesses to focus on strategic decision-making and operational effectiveness.

April Updates - Create an invoice from multi POS

Edara’s April 2023 updates signify a commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for businesses navigating the complexities of modern commerce.

Whether it’s seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, enhanced reporting capabilities, or improved retail and procurement features, Edara continues to empower organizations to thrive in the digital landscape. Stay tuned for more innovations as Edara remains at the forefront of Cloud ERP systems.

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