November Updates: More Than 5 Key Enhancements For Your Work

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November Updates: More Than 5 Key Enhancements For Your Work

Edara’s November 2023 updates bring practical enhancements for businesses, enabling you to organize product views according to your preferences, hold orders without cancellation, perform efficient customer data entry on a dedicated screen, and more.

These updates underscore Edara’s commitment to providing functional features that impact day-to-day business operations positively, so let’s delve into these features.

Organizing Products Based on Your Preferences

One of the standout features in the November 2023 updates is the ability to change the layout of product cards.

This functionality grants users the ability to organize products based on their preferences, including the flexibility to group items into folders for convenient accessibility.

This degree of personalization simplifies product selection during order creation and ultimately enhances overall productivity and efficiency.

November Updates - Layout customization

Enhancing Customer Experience with Order Holding

Responding to the dynamic needs of customers, “Edara” now allows for the holding of orders. This feature is invaluable when a customer needs to hold an order for various reasons, such as changing needs or unexpected situations.

The ability to suspend and restore orders at any time preserves workflow integrity and enhances the overall customer experience.

November Updates - Holding an SO

Empowering Order Handling

A dedicated screen for order takers becomes a highlight in the November updates. This screen facilitates the creation of new customers, the retrieval of customer information, and seamless order processing.

November Updates -Order Taker

Tracking Orders Through The Delivery Status Change

Stay informed and in control with the enhanced ability to change the delivery status. Whether it’s a new order, out for delivery, or delivered, users can now adapt the delivery status according to the latest developments.

This real-time tracking feature is crucial for identifying and addressing any potential delays in delivery.

November Updates - Set delivery status

Enhancing Work Order Report with Brand Names

Recognizing the significance of brand information, “Edara” introduces a new column in the work order report, displaying the brand of each item.

This addition provides a comprehensive view of brand performance, empowering users to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

November Updates - The brand column in the Work Orders report

Optimizing Inventory Management with Brand Details in Physical Count

“Edara” continues to refine inventory management by displaying item brands on the warehouse inventory page. This enhancement ensures a clearer understanding of inventory performance.

With brand information readily available, users can make strategic decisions to optimize their inventory.

November Updates - The brand column in the Physical Count

In conclusion, Edara’s November 2023 updates mark a significant stride towards efficiency, personalization, and informed decision-making.

These features not only cater to the current needs of businesses but also lay the foundation for a more responsive ERP system.

Follow Edara’s help center to know more technical details about every feature and stay ahead with “Edara” as it continues to shape the future of cloud-based enterprise resource planning.

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