November 2020 Updates: 8 New Features Enhance Your Work

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November 2020 Updates: 8 New Features Enhance Your Work

In November 2020, Edara unveiled a series of updates aimed at improving the user experience and meeting the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

From faster invoice printing to comprehensive reporting enhancements, these updates signify a significant leap forward in functionality and usability.

Join us as we explore the key features and discover how they empower businesses to optimize their processes and drive success in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Print Invoices Using Your Portable Printer

The Edara app now facilitates immediate printing of invoices through Bluetooth-enabled mobile printers. With the new “print from phone” option, distribution representatives can generate invoices on the spot, addressing the need for instant documentation upon goods delivery.

November Updates 2020 - Print invoices using your portable printer

Print Multiple Sales Orders at Once

Streamline your workflow by printing multiple sales orders simultaneously. Simply navigate to the sales confirmations page, select the desired orders, and click the print icon to expedite the process, saving time and effort.

November Updates 2020 - Print multiple sales orders at once

Export Price Quotations to Excel

Enhance collaboration with your team by exporting price quotations to Excel for thorough review. This feature simplifies the sharing and analysis of quotations, ensuring comprehensive assessment prior to finalizing sales transactions.

November Updates 2020 - Export all your Quotes to an Excel sheet

Print the Customer’s Tax Registration Number

Customize sales order and invoice printing forms with the option to display the customer’s tax registration number. This flexibility empowers users to tailor documentation according to specific requirements, ensuring compliance while maintaining efficiency.

November Updates 2020 - Show tax registration ID in your customers' printed sales orders and invoices

Add Part Number to Quotes and Printing Forms

Efficiently manage quotes by incorporating part numbers for quick reference and accuracy. Easily access relevant data within quotes and ensure precise information in print forms, optimizing communication and clarity in transactions.

November Updates 2020 - ''Part number'' a new column in quote grid and quote print template

Provide More Detailed Data in the Detailed Work Orders Report

Gain comprehensive insights into product details with enhanced reporting capabilities. The addition of “Item Code” and “Part Number” columns in the detailed work order report offers a thorough and accurate overview, facilitating informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

November Updates 2020 - item code and part number new columns in detailed work order report

Know the Unit Price and Total Price of Items

Improve transparency and accuracy in invoicing with detailed item pricing information. Users can now view unit prices alongside total prices in purchase order and sales order invoices, enabling better financial tracking and analysis.

November Updates 2020 - Now, The unit price is calculated automatically based on the total price

Offer Discounting Options for Items

Take control of discounts with customizable features tailored to your business needs. Specify discount parameters, including recipient, duration, and user access, to effectively manage pricing strategies and enhance customer relationships, while retaining operational control and flexibility.

November Updates 2020 - Customize discounts for any stock item

With these latest features, Edara continues to evolve as a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and drive success in a competitive market landscape.

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