May 2021 Updates: Streamlining Processes with Edara

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May 2021 Updates: Streamlining Processes with Edara

In May 2021, Edara unveiled a series of updates aimed at empowering users with enhanced functionality and efficiency.

From streamlining purchase order processes to bolstering inventory management capabilities, these latest features promise to elevate the user experience and drive operational excellence.

Let’s delve into each update to understand how Edara continues to pave the way for seamless business operations and optimized performance.

See the discount rate in sales & purchase order reports

Now, when generating sales and purchase order reports, users have the option to display the discount percentage alongside other relevant information.

This added feature enhances transparency in transaction details, providing a comprehensive view of discounts applied to orders.

May Updates 2021 - See discount rate in sales & purchase order reports

Use “Canceled” Filter in Purchase Order Reports

A convenient addition to the purchase order reporting functionality is the introduction of a “canceled” filter.

This filter enables users to easily identify and review all canceled orders within the purchase order report, streamlining the management of order statuses.

May Updates 2021 - (Canceled) a new filter in purchase order reports

Import Additional Information about Your Stock Items

By expanding the scope of data import capabilities, users can now include “brand” information when importing details about their stock items.

This enhancement offers greater flexibility and depth in managing inventory information, allowing for more comprehensive tracking and categorization.

May Updates 2021 - Import more information about your stock items

Add Notes in Purchase Order Print Template

To enhance communication with suppliers, you can add notes into the purchase order print template.

This feature empowers users to provide additional clarifications or instructions directly on the purchase order, facilitating smoother transaction processes and reducing potential misunderstandings.

May Updates 2021 - (Notes) a new box in the purchase order print template

Implement Scan Feature to Compare Issued Items with Sales Orders

To minimize errors in fulfilling customer orders, users can now utilize a scanning feature to compare items issued against the related sales order.

This functionality adds an extra layer of validation, ensuring accuracy and consistency between issued items and customer orders.

May Updates 2021 - Scan to compare your IO with SO

Specify Customer Type for E-Invoicing

In compliance with invoicing regulations, users can now specify whether a customer is a consumer or a business entity.

This distinction determines the information required for invoicing, such as national ID numbers or tax registration ID, streamlining the invoicing process and ensuring regulatory compliance.

May Updates 2021 - Specify customer type

Use “SKU” as a New Identification Number for Stock Items

Each item you have, even if it shares some characteristics with another item, is actually independent in itself and represents a separate selling item with separate details. Therefore, each item must be defined separately.

There are various methods for defining items within “Edara”; it is possible to define by the part number, the item code, and recently it has become available to define by the stock keeping unit (SKU) and to display it in the user interface.

The use cases for defining by SKU are diverse, the most prominent being defining items for tax purposes for electronic invoice users.

May Updates 2021 - (SKU) a new identification number for stock items

These updates represent another step forward in Edara’s mission to empower organizations with the tools they need to succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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