September 2022 Updates: Enhanced warehouse management and various new additions

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September 2022 Updates: Enhanced warehouse management and various new additions

At “Edara,” our commitment is exemplified through monthly updates. In September 2022, we unveiled crucial updates. As we delve into these improvements, it becomes evident that our focus extends beyond success—it’s about fortifying and elevating it.

Let’s explore the impactful changes.

Automated Accounting Processing of Bank Fees

One of the standout features of Edara’s latest update is the automated accounting processing of bank fees.

This functionality eliminates the need to manually create bank expense entries for Visa payment documents. Now, the program takes care of this task automatically, saving valuable time.

September Updates 2022 - Bank fees

Various Options for Saving Physical Count Data

Edara introduces increased flexibility in saving data during physical count processes. Users can now choose from various options, such as saving and opening a new document, saving and closing the page, or saving and continuing on the physical count page.

This enhancement provides a more user-friendly experience, accommodating different preferences and workflows.

September Updates 2022 - Save _ edit physical count

Displaying the Cost of Warehouses’ Transfer Documents

For users with specific permissions, Edara now offers a new option in the work order reports. This option allows the display of the cost of warehouse transfer documents on the work order report page.

This added transparency can be invaluable for decision-makers assessing the financial impact of such transfers.

September Updates 2022 - Cost of the transfer documents in the work order report

Enhancements on UOMs (Units of Measurements)

Edara addresses the diverse needs of businesses by introducing enhancements to Units of Measurement (UOMs).

Users can now specify a UOM description for items that do not use multiple UOMs. This fine-tuning capability provides a more granular approach to managing inventory and product information.

September Updates 2022 - Enhancements on UOMs

New Filters in the Purchase Approvals Page

The purchase approvals page gets a boost with new filtering options. Users can now filter by period or warehouse and control the number of orders displayed per page.

Edara automatically retains filtering preferences for each user, contributing to a personalized and efficient workflow.

Septmeber Updates 2022 - Enhancements in purchase approvals page

Filtering by Warehouses on the Transfer Approvals Page

Edara continues to enhance user control with the ability to filter by transferred or destination warehouse on the transfer approvals page.

This feature empowers users to manage and track inventory movements with precision, improving overall inventory management.

September Updates 2022 - Warehouse filter to the transfer approvals page

New Option on the Sales Returns Invoices Page

A valuable addition for sales operations, Edara introduces a new option on the sales returns invoices page.

Users now have the flexibility to create taxable sales returns using the credit note document, providing more comprehensive documentation and compliance with tax regulations.

September Updates 2022 - Taxable sales return by a CN document

Allowing Mass Fulfillment of Sales Orders

Efficiency takes center stage with Edara’s new option in the narration menu, allowing for mass fulfillment of sales orders with a single click.

This streamlined process is a time-saving boon for users overseeing large-scale sales operations.

September Updates 2022 - Bulk fulfill SOs


Edara’s September 2022 updates bring a host of enhancements, reflecting the platform’s commitment to empowering businesses with cutting-edge ERP capabilities.

From automated accounting processes to refined filtering options, these updates are poised to elevate the user experience and operational efficiency for users leveraging Edara for their ERP needs.

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