Top 5 Prominent ZATCA-Approved Accounting Software Solutions

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Top 5 Prominent ZATCA-Approved Accounting Software Solutions

Accounting software is a crucial asset for streamlining financial processes and ensuring compliance with tax laws. In the realm of tax compliance in Saudi Arabia, the significance of ZATCA-approved accounting software cannot be overstated.

This article mentions the most prominent approved accounting programs, explaining how they effectively and efficiently contribute to achieving compliance with tax, zakat, and financial regulations for both companies and individuals. Join us as we delve into the essential features and benefits offered by these approved solutions in the landscape of Saudi Arabian financial management.

What is the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA)?

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) stands as a cornerstone government agency entrusted with the collection of zakat, taxes, and customs duties.

Its mission revolves around ensuring the highest levels of commitment to best practices in revenue collection. ZATCA plays a pivotal role in transforming the Kingdom into a global logistics center by facilitating commercial operations and upholding national security.

Among its main responsibilities are managing various taxes, providing guidance on compliance, and overseeing customs affairs. Utilizing technology, ZATCA aims to simplify operations and enhance the collection and management of zakat.

The Importance of Using ZATCA-Approved Accounting Software

The Importance of Using Approved Accounting Programs

In a bid to streamline financial processes and ensure adherence to tax regulations, businesses are turning to approved accounting programs.

These programs help with:

Ensuring Compliance with Taxes and Regulations

By employing ZATCA-approved accounting software, businesses align themselves with tax and regulatory requirements.

This alignment is crucial for avoiding penalties and ensuring the smooth flow of financial operations.

Enhancing Accuracy in Reporting

Approved accounting programs offer a robust framework for accurate financial preparation and reporting.

This not only enhances decision-making processes but also fosters trust among stakeholders.

Streamlining Accounting Processes

The complexity of accounting processes can be daunting. ZATCA-approved accounting software simplifies these processes, providing businesses with user-friendly interfaces and integrated features.

Boosting Accuracy and Efficiency

The use of approved accounting programs significantly increases the accuracy and efficiency of financial operations. Automation and real-time reporting contribute to more informed decision-making.

Accounting Programs Approved by ZATCA

ZATCA recognizes the importance of utilizing reliable accounting software. Here are some of the most prominent ZATCA-approved accounting software:


Edara - ZATCA approved ERP System

Edara is an integrated ERP program designed to streamline the management of your business departments from a centralized location. Its cloud features enable the tracking of workflow from any device, offering practicality without unnecessary excitement.

This ready-made software solution provides a set of features that operate smoothly together, complemented by various reports to aid in decision-making based on real numbers.

“Edara” supports integrated connectivity with tools and platforms such as Salla, Shopify, Jumia, and WooCommerce.

Importantly, it holds approval and recognition from the Egyptian Tax Authority and the Saudi Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority, meeting the necessary conditions and standards for electronic invoicing systems.

In practical terms, Edara serves as a reliable ERP solution for your organization, facilitating the issuance of electronic invoices while ensuring adherence to all imposed requirements and conditions.


Quickbooks is a cloud-based accounting program approved by the Zakat and Income Authority, offering users the capability to efficiently manage accounts and generate compatible invoices.

With its user-friendly interface, the program provides a straightforward experience. It also includes a set of reports designed to simplify the management of your business details.


Zoho software is an integrated solution encompassing a suite of financial and administrative applications.

It facilitates companies in efficiently managing accounts, processing invoices, handling salaries, and generating financial reports. The software also offers tools for accounting, customer relationship management, and financial planning.


ERPNext is an open-source accounting program that offers a collection of integrated applications. The ERPNext program is listed on the official website of the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority, within the framework of Accurate Systems.

Accurate Systems is a platform that offers comprehensive solutions and services for companies.


Odoo stands as an open-source accounting system, providing a comprehensive suite of financial and administrative applications for business management. It is designed to be adaptable according to the specific needs of the company.

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Features Available in Approved Accounting Programs

The approval process mandated by the Authority establishes a specific set of features that must be present in accounting programs to attain accreditation. Employing one of these approved programs translates to substantial benefits for users.

Issuing Each Invoice in XML or PDF/3A Format

ZATCA-approved accounting software aligns with technical specifications, enabling the issuance of every electronic invoice or notice in XML or PDF/3A format. This facilitates seamless submission to the authority.

Ability to Issue Compatible Electronic Invoices and Notices

As per the authority’s guidelines, an approved software solution must be technically compatible, encompassing all required data fields in invoices and electronic notices.


ZATCA-approved accounting software incorporates mechanisms to detect any tampering attempts proactively, ensuring the security of your billing data.

Protect Invoices Against Any Modification or Deletion

Certified accounting software possesses the capability to shield issued invoices and electronic notices against modifications or deletions.

Additionally, these programs offer features for users to save and archive invoices securely.

The Ability to Issue a Unified Identification Number

Through approved accounting programs, users can generate a universally unified identification number (UUID) along with a serial number distinguishing each electronic invoice.

Ability to Create a Cryptographic Stamp

The Authority mandates that approved software can create a cryptographic stamp for each issued invoice or notice, complete with a specific identification code.

The Ability to Create an Encryption Function

ZATCA-approved accounting software is equipped with the capability to generate a hash function for each invoice or electronic notice in the series of issued documents. This feature safeguards against tampering.

Ability to Create Barcodes

Approved programs allow users to create a matrix-form barcode, comprising black and white squares. These barcodes can be scanned using QR code readers or smart device cameras, providing a means to authenticate the genuineness of invoices.

Counter for Bills and Notifications

ZATCA-approved accounting software features an electronic invoice and notification counter. Importantly, this counter is resistant to tampering or resetting, ensuring the reliability of the recorded data.

Get the Best Program Accredited by the Zakat and Income Authority

Meeting tax compliance standards in Saudi Arabia poses a significant challenge for both organizations and individuals. “Edara” emerges as a distinctive solution, streamlining the process of achieving compliance with efficiency and simplicity.

Recognized as a trustworthy provider of electronic invoicing services, “Edara” offers a range of features that position it as the preferred choice for companies seeking a comprehensive solution for managing their accounting and tax compliance needs.

“Edara” stands out for its user-friendly interface, facilitating the effortless issuance of recognized and electronically signed electronic invoices.

Beyond its invoicing capabilities, “Edara” plays a crucial role in enhancing transparency in billing and accounting processes. It extends technical support to users and enables precise monitoring of financial performance and reporting.

In essence, “Edara” functions as your reliable partner, ensuring full compliance with the requirements set by the Zakat and Income Authority. It serves as a facilitator for seamless financial and tax operations, providing an efficient solution for organizations navigating the complexities of tax regulations in Saudi Arabia.


The utilization of ZATCA-approved accounting software emerges as a pivotal strategy to enhance tax and regulatory compliance with precision and efficiency.

These approved programs stand out for their capacity to deliver heightened accuracy in the preparation of financial and tax reports, simplification of accounting processes, and an overall boost in operational efficiency.

Among the approved solutions, “Edara” stands out as a noteworthy example, offering not just a platform for efficient issuance of electronic invoices but also crucial technical support to users.

For a closer look at how “Edara” can transform your financial and tax management processes, we invite you to contact us and explore more about the program.

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