December 2022 Updates: Edara’s Practical Advancements

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December 2022 Updates: Edara’s Practical Advancements

Embarking on the journey of sustaining success, “Edara” continues to meet challenges head-on, providing monthly updates to empower our users.

In this article, we unveil the key features of our latest December 2022 updates, designed to enhance your work management experience.

Integrating with The Egyptian E-receipts

Edara’s latest update introduces seamless integration with e-receipts, taking into account QR code requirements.

This new feature ensures compliance with modern transaction standards, providing users with a smoother and more efficient experience in managing electronic receipts.

December Updates 2022 - Integration with E-Receipt

Instant Submission of E-receipts

With the integration of e-receipts, Edara users can now opt to submit sales orders to the portal immediately upon saving.

This streamlined process enhances workflow efficiency, reducing the time between order creation and submission.

December Updates 2022 - Instant e-receipts submit

Displaying Paid Cheques in Print Cash Documents

A notable addition to Edara’s print cash document is the inclusion of a dedicated section to display information about paid cheques.

This simplifies financial document review by offering a comprehensive overview of payment details within cash documents.

December Updates 2022 - Show cashed cheques on CI-CO print

Enabling Order Taker Mode for Enhanced Sales Order Management

Edara’s new Order Taker Mode is a boon for sales teams. It enables order takers to access the complete customer address and facilitates the selection of the nearest warehouse when placing a sales order.

This feature optimizes order fulfillment processes, ensuring faster and more accurate deliveries.

December Updates 2022 - Order taker

Displaying Production Order Codes in Related Documents

Edara now automatically records the production order code in all related documents. This enhancement streamlines the review process, providing users with quick access to essential information and improving overall document traceability.

December Updates 2022 - Map production order code with related work orders

Effortlessly Transferring Issues from Received Supplies

Facilitating warehouse management, Edara presents a convenient button in the receive supplies section, enabling users to effortlessly initiate a warehouse transfer with identical items and quantities.

This enhances inventory control efficiency and minimizes the necessity for manual data entry.

December Updates 2022 - Create IT from RS

Creating Customizable Sales Invoice Numbers

Edara’s latest accounting setting empowers users to create sales invoice numbers with greater flexibility. Users can specify the number prefix, providing a customizable solution that aligns with unique business requirements.

December Updates 2022 - Invoice number

As businesses strive for digital transformation and operational excellence, Edara’s December 2022 updates mark a significant step forward.

Learn more about these features from Edara help center.

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