Edara’s Mid-Year 2024 Review

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Edara’s Mid-Year 2024 Review

In our ongoing commitment to enhance and develop, Edara has implemented several new features designed to streamline operations and support effective business management.

Throughout the first half of 2024, we have focused on developing updates that improve functionality, accuracy, and compliance.

Here, we present the most notable updates we’ve introduced, reflecting our dedication to facilitating seamless and efficient business processes.

Integrating with ZATCA

One of the primary enhancements for Edara in 2024 is integrating seamlessly with the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) in Saudi Arabia.

This integration meets the requirements for the second phase of the electronic invoicing system, ensuring a direct link between the taxpayer’s invoicing system and the “Fatoora” platform.

This capability allows users to send invoices and comply with tax standards efficiently.

Note: Edara is an approved solution by ZATCA, enabling users to issue compatible electronic invoices with ease.

Integrate easily with ZATCA

Integrating with Payment Devices

Edara has introduced seamless integration with payment devices. This update ensures greater accuracy in payment data processing, reduces errors, and enhances overall transaction efficiency.

Users can now experience a streamlined process that connects payment devices directly with the Edara system, improving the overall customer experience.

March Updates 2024 - Integration with payment devices

Viewing Details of the Product Quantity Available to Sell

A significant update in Edara is the ability to export data detailing the balance available at points of sale. This feature allows users to gain a clear view of inventory status, enabling effective decision-making.

With detailed insights into available product quantities, businesses can manage stock levels better and optimize sales strategies.

March Updates 2024 - Review available to sell quantities

Entering Cash Denominations in Closing the Shift

To address the challenges of closing shifts accurately, Edara now allows cashiers to enter the number of each cash denomination during the shift closing process.

For example, cashiers can input 20 bills of 200 denominations or 15 bills of 100 denominations. The program automatically calculates the total value, simplifying the shift closing balance calculation and reducing human error.

Entering Cash Denominations in Closing the Shift

Creating a Product with Attributes (Variants) in the Point of Sale Module

The latest update in the point-of-sale module now enables users to create products with customizable attributes efficiently. For instance, users can generate variations for a T-shirt available in different colors (red and blue) and sizes (L and XL) without creating each item separately. This feature enhances inventory management and simplifies the sales process.

April Updates 2024 - Product's Variants

Generating GL in Different Currencies

Edara now offers the flexibility to generate the general ledger (GL) report in various currencies. Users can specify the exchange rate, ensuring accurate financial reporting across different currencies.

This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with international transactions or multinational operations, streamlining accounting processes and improving financial transparency.

Generate GL in different currencies

Calculating the Change for the Customer Automatically

Improving the customer transaction experience, Edara now automatically calculates change during sales transactions.

This feature eliminates the need for manual calculations at the point of sale, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in retail operations. Customers and cashiers benefit from a quicker, error-free transaction process.

January Updates 2024 - Calculate the change for the customer automatically

Managing Warehouse Permissions in Some Reports

Recognizing the importance of data security and operational flexibility, Edara now allows administrators to selectively modify warehouse permissions in specific reports.

This update enables users to access data from multiple warehouses as needed, allowing them to respond quickly to changing business conditions and capitalize on sales opportunities without compromising security.

March Updates 2024 - Manage warehouse permissions in some reports

Showing Associated Orders on the Purchase Request Page

Edara has added a feature that shows the orders associated with each purchase request on the purchase request page. This enhancement makes it easier to track orders for which purchase orders have been issued, providing accurate details about purchase orders on a single page.

Users can now manage procurement processes more effectively and maintain better control over their supply chain.

June Updates 2024 - Associated Orders

Reprinting the Sales Order at the Points of Sale

To address the need for reprinting sales orders due to errors or customer requests, Edara has introduced a feature for reprinting sales orders at the point of sale. Reprinted invoices are marked with a stamp indicating the reprint to ensure accuracy and transparency and to prevent tampering with the invoices.

By default, reprinting is disallowed, but exceptional permissions can be granted when necessary, ensuring controlled and secure operations.

Reprinting the Sales Order at the Points of Sale

These updates in Edara reflect the commitment to enhancing user experience, improving operational efficiency, and maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

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