February 2022 Updates: 20 Features facilitate your work

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February 2022 Updates: 20 Features facilitate your work

Explore the recent updates in “Edara” for February 2022, focusing on practical features tailored to address genuine business needs.

These additions meticulously shed light on the subtle intricacies of your operations, offering a clear perspective amid the multitude of events and transactions.

Let’s delve into these enhancements designed to provide pragmatic solutions aligned with the realities of your business environment.

Printing Template Customization

Effortlessly tailor your printing templates to match your unique work requirements. This feature empowers users to design templates based on pre-printed ones, allowing for modifications such as adjusting font size and key data elements.

The flexibility offered ensures that your printed documents align seamlessly with your business needs.

February Updates 2022 - Pre-Printed templates setup2

E-invoice Status in Sales Order Report

Experience enhanced visibility into your e-invoices with the addition of a dedicated column in the sales orders report.

This new feature provides a quick and convenient overview of E-invoice statuses, facilitating efficient tracking and management.

February Updates 2022 - E.invoice status in sales order report

Export E-Invoices to Excel

Streamline data management by exporting e-invoices data from the ETA center to Excel with a single click. This enhances accessibility and data organization, enabling users to work more efficiently with e-invoices.

February Updates 2022 - Export to Excel on the ETA center

Data Safety with ETA Submission

Ensure the integrity of submitted documents by preventing any editing or deleting after they have been submitted to the ETA, ensuring data safety.

February Updates 2022 - Close submitted invoices

Email Sales Order

Introducing a new level of convenience, Edara now allows users to send sales orders as PDF files via email directly from the print page.

This feature streamlines communication and collaboration, making it easier to share order details with stakeholders.

February Updates 2022 - Send by Email

Ease of changing the country in system defaults

Work may be disrupted due to the absence of a small detail in a feature of crucial importance to you and your business; we understand this well and are working diligently to address all these needs.

When encoding a new customer, it is necessary to input some important data, including the default country for the customer’s mobile, to verify its accuracy.

In this feature, the user can choose the default country to consider when verifying the validity of new customers’ mobile numbers.

February Updates 2022 - Default country

Ease of making inventory increase adjustments

Simplify pricing decisions with the option to select the price while creating inventory adjustments from the physical count document.

This user-friendly feature enhances accuracy and efficiency by presenting pricing options before finalizing them.

February Updates 2022 - Control the proposed RS price

A new way to input duplicate items

Achieving efficiency with meticulous attention to technical details takes your work to a higher level.

This is what this feature provides by adding a new icon that increases the quantity instead of adding a new line when entering duplicate items in the physical count document, making the process easier.

February Updates 2022 - Increase QTY in the physical count

Enhanced Serial Number Verification

In environments where offline-first mode is activated, Edara now offers enhanced serial number verification at the point of sale.

This prevents the entry of duplicated or invalid serials, ensuring data accuracy even in offline scenarios.

February Updates 2022 - Serial controls on offline-first mode

Save Withholding Tax Journal Entry from Sales Order

Streamline financial processes by saving the withholding tax journal entry directly from the sales order page. This feature enhances efficiency and accuracy in managing accounting transactions related to sales orders.

February Updates 2022 - WHT link in SO

Warehouse Transfer Requests from Sales Order

Improve inventory management by creating warehouse transfer requests directly from the sales order page. This seamless integration enhances order fulfillment and ensures better control over stock transfers.

February Updates 2022 - Create TR from SO

Exclude Items from Reorder Alerts

Tailor reorder alerts to your specific needs by excluding certain items. This customization feature provides greater control over inventory management, allowing businesses to focus on the most critical reordering needs.

February Updates 2022 - Ignore items from reordering alert

Customer Code Control in Master Data

Take command over customer codes with enhanced control features, including requirement, uniqueness, and auto-generation. This ensures consistency and accuracy in customer data management.

February Updates 2022 - Auto-generated customer code

Switch Between Print Templates Easily

Navigate effortlessly between different print templates of varying sizes, allowing users to choose the most suitable form for their printing needs. This feature enhances user convenience and efficiency.

February Updates 2022 - Display all permitted templates

Customer Balance on Receipt Prints

Enhance transparency in financial transactions by displaying the customer’s balance before and after the sales order in the receipt printing template.

This additional information provides a comprehensive view of customer financial transactions.

february Updates 2022 - Customer balance before and after E

Sales Returns in Receivables Aging Report

Gain insight into sales returns with the added columns in the receivables aging report. This includes details such as the return date and net receivables after deducting returns, providing a clearer picture of financial transactions.

February Updates 2022 - Consider sales returns in Receivables aging report

Quick Creation of Credit Customers

Simplify the process of creating credit customers with a user-friendly quick-add screen. This feature streamlines customer management, allowing for efficient creation and management of credit customers.

February Updates 2022 - Credit customer from quick add

Customer Code Search in the Accounting Module

Enhance the user experience in the accounting module by allowing users to search for customer accounts based on their codes. This feature facilitates quicker and more precise access to customer data.

February Updates 2022 - Search by customer code in accounting

Customer Code Display in Reports

Improve data visibility by displaying customer codes in various reports, including “Gross Profit Group by Customer,” “Account Ledger,” and “General Ledger.” This additional column provides a comprehensive view of customer-related data.

February Updates 2022 - Customer code in some reports

Additional Columns in the Stock Sell-Out Report

Explore enhanced data presentation with new columns in the stock sell-out report. These additions include total, discount, net sales, related sales order tags, and information on the second party in stock adjustments, providing a more detailed analysis of sales transactions.

February Updates 2022 - Stock sell out report enhancements

In conclusion, these updates to the Edara cloud ERP system for February 2022 are grounded in a practical understanding of real business requirements. By highlighting the finer details amidst the complexity of daily operations, these features aim to enhance efficiency and clarity.

For more in-depth information on these improvements, visit our help center to explore and familiarize yourself with the intricacies of these valuable enhancements.

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