March 2020 Updates: Enhancing Functionality and User Experience

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March 2020 Updates: Enhancing Functionality and User Experience

In March 2020, We rolled out a series of impactful updates to Edara, designed to streamline operations, enhance user experience, and improve overall functionality.

These updates cater to a variety of needs, from tracking deleted documents and enabling multiple journal entry selections to adding new columns in reports and introducing automatic update features.

Each enhancement has been carefully crafted to help users manage their processes more efficiently, maintain accurate records, and gain valuable insights with ease.

Here’s an in-depth look at the latest features introduced in Edara this month.

Displaying Deleted Documents

In this month’s updates, we’ve made it possible to track deleted transaction history via:

  • Review the data for these documents, starting with the transaction codes, up to the date of their creation and deletion
  • Review the total value of documents and the documents associated with them
  • Know the user who performed the deletion

All of this enables you to correct any mistakes that have already been made, limit their consequences, and prevent unauthorized changes.

March Updates 2020 - Deleted documents report

Enabling Multiple-choice Journal Entries

We previously developed the ability to filter at the single entry-level, and in this update, we have enabled multiple selections of daily entries using the comma sign.

Thus you can change the “posting” status of a large number of different documents at once.

March Updates 2020 - multi JEs in posting

Saving Grid View on Sales Targets Page

A combination of flexibility and ease is found when you format the list of results on the Sales Targets page to suit your needs. You can now hide or show any column and save your choices so that you will find the table with the same characteristics next time.

In addition, we have added some important columns, namely: Target Quantity, Target Amount, and Report Type (Overall or Detailed), so that your report becomes rich with the information you need.

March Updates 2020 - Sales target page customization

Adding New Columns in Stock Item Bulk Edit

We have added some information to help you develop an appropriate pricing plan through two new columns that display the date of the last import of goods, and the price of the last import of goods in front of each item. You can call up the items listed under more than one document or tag at once, to make correct pricing decisions.

In addition, we have also provided the ability to modify the default measurement units on the same page, to save you time.

Try this feature now on more than one category with the click of a button.

March Updates 2020 - Enhancements in the stock items bulk edit page

Viewing AR Accounts Related to Customers in Sales Order Report

Learn about the accounts associated with customers for each sales order through a new column in the Sales Orders report that helps you know the accounting impact of your sales immediately, from one screen.

Then you can manage the relationship with third parties such as shipping companies, and access accurate information about the status of sales orders and the exact path of sold items.

March Updates 2020 - Related AR in the sales orders report

Duplicating Your Manual Journal Entries

A new button in Edara allows users to duplicate manual journal entries in the display state. The system creates an exact copy of the entry in a new tab with a new date, enabling users to adjust account values and credit or debit status without re-entering the entire entry.

March Updates 2020 - JE's Duplicate

Automatically Updating Approvals

Get updated data on the approvals page with less loading time through a new setting that enables you to specify the update duration, which starts from two minutes, then five minutes, followed by ten minutes, and extends to twenty minutes.

You can apply these periods to a specific user, with the ability to customize the period for each user according to the volume of data he deals with, and the time interval between an update and the next update.

March Updates 2020 - Auto refresh intervals in approvals

These updates underscore our commitment to enhancing functionality and user experience in Edara. Each feature has been meticulously designed to streamline your processes, improve accuracy, and ensure that you have the tools you need to manage your operations effectively.

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