March 2022 Updates: Exploring Practical Enhancements in Edara

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March 2022 Updates: Exploring Practical Enhancements in Edara

Our journey at “Edara” has been marked by a commitment to continuous improvement, striving to enhance the program with features that save time and effort for smoother organizational management.

In this article, we unveil the latest advancements from March. Discover how these updates aim to elevate user experiences and further streamline the efficiency of organizational management.

Automatic Draft Saving

Edara’s latest update introduces an automatic draft-saving feature. Now, in the event of an unexpected internet outage before saving a document, users can rest easy knowing that their data is automatically saved.

This ensures that no information is lost, and users can conveniently save their work at a later time.

March Updates 2022 - Drafts

One-Click Draft Deletion

Efficiency is crucial, and Edara responds with a one-click draft deletion feature. Users can now streamline their workflow by removing saved drafts with a single click, eliminating the need to delete each draft individually.

March Updates 2022 - Remove all drafts

Cheque Printing from “Edara”

A new page has been added to facilitate cheque printing within Edara. Users can select the issuing bank, input the necessary details, and print cheques directly from the system.

This feature simplifies the cheque issuance process, making financial transactions more seamless.

March Updates 2022 - Print cheques page

Increasing Quantity By One Click

Enhancing the user experience, Edara introduces an icon for “Increase Quantity Instead of Add a New Row” in key pages such as Purchase Order, Receive Supplies, and Issue Transfer.

This intuitive addition streamlines data entry, contributing to a more user-friendly interface.

March Updates 2022 - Increase qty icon in PO, RS _ IT

Date Modification from the ‘Payment’ Page

Edara now allows users with appropriate permissions to modify the date of documents saved from the payment page.

This feature provides greater flexibility and control over document management, adapting to the user’s specific needs.

March Updates 2022 - Change Update date in Payment

Value Visibility Control in Work Order

Responding to users’ needs, Edara introduces an update enabling the hiding of work order values associated with sales or purchase documents.

Users can choose to hide prices only or both prices and totals, tailoring the display to their preferences.

March Updates 2022 - Hide the work order total

List Display Control on the “Sales Order” Page

Edara enhances user permissions by allowing control over the display of lists on the Sales Order page. Users can now hide any list beyond their permissions, ensuring a more personalized and secure user experience.

March Updates 2022 - Warehouse _ Store permissions

Upgrades on ETA Settings

For users interfacing with the Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA), Edara introduces upgrades in settings. Users can now choose between “Document Code” and “Order Number” when adjusting integration settings, providing a more customizable experience.

March Updates 2022 - Send the order number to the portal

Ref Document Display in PO Printing

Enhancing document visibility, Edara now displays the reference document in the Purchase Order printing form.

This addition ensures that users have essential information readily available when needed.

March Updates 2022 - Ref. doc. in the PO print

A New Element in the ETA Center

Edara introduces a new column on the ‘Transactions’ page within the ETA center, displaying the command’s order number.

This addition enhances traceability and facilitates a more comprehensive understanding of transactions.

March Updates 2022 - Row number on ETA center


With these March 2022 updates, Edara continues its commitment to providing a robust and user-centric cloud ERP system.

The new features and enhancements empower users with increased control, efficiency, and customization options, ensuring that businesses can adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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